REVO Sunglasses Partners with Corey Rich Photography

Performance eyewear brand, REVO, is pleased to announce a partnership with Corey Rich Productions.

Performance eyewear brand, REVO, is pleased to announce a partnership with Corey Rich Productions. The collaboration between REVO and Corey was natural – Corey is an avid climber, often working in high altitude, high UV exposure environments. REVO's polarized eyewear is the perfect compliment to expedition climbing, offering premium protection and technology designed to perform in extreme applications.

“I'm very particular about the gear I take along on an expedition,” said Rich. “When choosing the clothing, climbing gear, cameras and lenses, I always go for the best. I must do all I can to ensure my safety, as well as the success of the project.”

“There is no exception when it comes to selecting eyewear. To safeguard my vision, my most important tool, I need the best lenses available, providing the highest level of clarity and protection. REVO provides this combination in sunglasses that are just as stylish as they are functional. They do exactly what I need, which is perform at the highest level in the wildest places on the planet.”

As an adventure photographer and filmmaker, Corey has created a career for himself by combining a love of visual storytelling and extreme adventure sports. Most recently, Corey and his team took part in a climbing expedition in Alaska that was featured on the Discovery Channel's Flying Wild Alaska. REVO supported Corey's efforts on this expedition, providing the best suited eyewear and lens options for Corey and his extended crew.

"This expedition to the Arrigetch Peaks in the Brooks Range of Alaska was the trip of a lifetime. Traveling with an amazing group of people to a fantastic location, we experienced true adventure, an effort where the outlook was uncertain.”

To see REVO in action in the next episode of Flying Wild Alaska, tune in to the Discovery Channel this Friday. Additionally, last week's episode featuring Corey's First Ascent can be purchased via iTunes.

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Photo Credit: Todd Offenbacher takes advantage of a rarely available satellite connection to check in with an update on the team's progress.
©Corey Rich / Aurora Photos


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