Recover Brands and Gilson Snowboard & Ski Co. Collaborate on Line of Sustainable Apparel

PA and NC collide in this adventure-sport partnership
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Charlotte, NC - February 22, 2018 

Gilson Snowboard

Recover Brands, makers of sustainable apparel and accessories, is teaming up with Gilson Snowboard & Ski Co., your American ski and snowboard company, to create a responsibly sourced line of apparel for their growing online store. The collaboration marries two brands both committed to community and the environment to co-create sustainable apparel to spread their message.

With a similar drive to inject sustainability in an industry that - for as much as we love it - is not traditionally ‘green,’ it was a no-brainer for Gilson to partner with the North Carolina based clothing company.

“With a background in environmental sciences, we have a deep respect for the earth and forest resources,” said Gilson Co-Founder Nick Gilson. “We really believed in and adhered to Recover’s mission and approach big time, and the value proposition from the get go.”

In addition to its apparel line, Gilson manufactures skis and snowboards out of a high quality product blend with a concentration of environmental stewardship and sustainable business methods. All-in-all they strive to make good decisions about how they treat people and what raw materials they use.

“From the first conversation I had with Nick, it was clear that a partnership with Gilson was a perfect fit for Recover,” Bill Johnston, Recover Brand’s Founder said of the new line. “Gilson's innovative designs and commitment to quality and sustainability, along with their closed-loop, transparent supply chain aligns perfectly with our mission. Plus they're just good guys and it's always fun to work with like-minded folks.”

You can check out the new Gilson apparel line, snowboards, and skis online at or catch them in person to demo on the Gilson Demo Tour. Every winter, the Gilson team sends out their 1970s airstream to tour the U.S.’s ski resorts and offer FREE demos. They let their designs speak for themselves.


Recover's mission is to create the best, most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible, educating and inspiring those around us to live and work for a sustainable tomorrow. Recover uses recycled PET (plastic) and upcycled cotton to make its 100% recycled apparel. Just 8 plastic bottles make 1 shirt. Learn more at and join the conversation @RecoverBrands.

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