Bows Out: It's the Competitive Cyclist Pro Team

On The Rivet-managed Pro Cycling Team looks ahead to its second Pro Continental season with a new name.

PARK CITY, Utah (Sept. 14, 2011) — On Aug. 22,, the parent company of, announced its acquisition of market-leading premium bicycle retailer, Competitive Cyclist. Now, three weeks after the deal that made the competing bike e-tailers kin, Competitive Cyclist wins out, taking over the title sponsorship of the Pro Cycling Team as it heads into its second year.

 It’s like Cinderella getting the prince. Except in this case, everybody gets along. And there’s no old fairy.

“It’s all in the family,” said Dustin Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer of, Inc. over and now, Competitive Cyclist. “The same people who built the program will carry it forward. There’ll be no huge overhaul on the back-end. It’s more like a makeover.”

 “Our goal is to do what’s best for our business, the Team, our customers, and cycling-in-general,” continued Robertson. “Competitive Cyclist has been the number one online retailer of high-end bikes for 10 years. Putting that name on the Pro Team will increase support for the Team and raise awareness of Competitive Cyclist. And the more successfully we engage fans and customers, the better it is for the industry and the sport as a whole.”

 One development is that Competitive Cyclist CEO-turned General Manager of’s Bike Division, Brendan Quirk, will be very involved with the Team from here on out. In his new role, Quirk is the company’s master of all-things-bike. That means he’s the strategic honcho of the bike business, and is the Big Boss of operations, merchandising and marketing for Competitive Cyclist,, and the company’s other bike stores:, and

 “The title sponsor relationship with the Pro Cycling team has been an extremely positive experience,” said Quirk. “We are 100% committed to this Team. We’re excited to build on this past year and execute at a higher level with our partners in 2012, now under the Competitive Cyclist banner.”

The team will remain Pro Cycling Team until the 2012 season begins. To keep up on the Team’s news and developments until we can share the new website URL (hopefully sometime before the guys start racing again), check out Cyclist, or