RealAge Announces National Advertising Partnership With Bally

RealAge Test is the Wake-Up Call and Motivator to Encourage Good Health

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 6 -- The RealAge test is the basis for a national integrated advertising campaign by Bally Total Fitness that will kick off in October, RealAge, Inc. announced today.

RealAge, Inc., a leading source of personalized health and lifestyle information, is teaming up with the largest commercial operator of fitness centers, Bally Total Fitness, to motivate healthy behaviors on and off the gym floor. The campaign will launch with a 60-second, documentary-style TV commercial featuring a real person, Dan, before and after taking the RealAge test -- the scientifically valid test that calculates the biological age of your body, which can be older, younger, or the same as your calendar age by factoring in genetics, current health status and behaviors. The 38-year-old man, shocked and inspired by learning that his RealAge is almost 50, becomes motivated to change -- and does. After just 10 weeks of working with the trainers at Bally and following his RealAge wellness plan, he exclaims, "I feel younger today than I've felt in 20 years!" He already has made his RealAge almost 10 years younger, dropped 30 pounds, and lowered his cholesterol from 220 to 190.

In addition to TV advertising, this fall Bally will be incorporating RealAge messaging into direct-mail and print campaigns, and offering the RealAge age test at wellness expos and in 400 Bally Total Fitness locations nationwide. Phase two of the campaign is scheduled for March 2007. Bally Total Fitness will become the exclusive fitness club sponsor of The RealAge Workout Center on, able to use select RealAge content on its website, and sponsor relevant emails to RealAge members.

RealAge CEO, Charles Silver explained, "This is a great partnership for anyone who wants to look younger, feel better and live longer. The RealAge test gives people the wake-up call and personalized plan to make their RealAge younger; Bally gives them the tools and the training to implement the fitness part of their solution. The results can be amazing."

"Bally identified RealAge as a partner because it will help our members be proactive and feel good about pursuing a healthy lifestyle," stated Bally Total Fitness CMO Jim McDonald. "Good health is a way of life and RealAge quantifies various ways, in addition to exercise, to live more healthfully."

About RealAge

RealAge, Inc. provides personalized information and solutions to help people live healthier, longer lives through an integration of media and services. Since 1999, over 15 million people have taken the patented RealAge test, which is widely accepted as the gold standard for measuring individual health status. The RealAge test and over 40 personalized health assessments are available for free at

About Bally Total Fitness

Bally Total Fitness (NYSE: BFT - News) is the largest and only nationwide commercial operator of fitness centers, with over 400 owned and franchised facilities located in 29 states, Mexico, Canada, Korea, China and the Caribbean under the Bally Total Fitness®, Bally Sports Clubs® and Sports Clubs of Canada® brands. Bally offers a unique platform for distribution of a wide range of products and services targeted to active, fitness-conscious adult consumers.