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Quantum Fitness Updates Website By Storm

Quantum Fitness Launches New Website

Quantum Fitness updates website by storm

STAFFORD, TEXAS (5/29/07) The mission of educating our customers all over the world, with the most visual images, educational product features and specifications is now here! Using the latest in website programs and software, Quantum Fitness has taken its website control in-house. President and Founder Brooke Ayton proclaims “ The best quality must come from within a company”. With the launch of the new site last week, Quantum's site hit ratio has soared over 600% and climbing! Commercial customers and consumers can now navigate the new pages with ease. Clear drop down menus and easy to read introduction pages lead to browsers finding information quickly and without frustration.

Enhancements to www.quantumfitness.com site include:

• Search engine optimizing of 98% , to better generate sales leads for our customers.
• Improved look and feel and the latest in enhanced graphics gives visitors a warm experience.
• New features include, easy to read drop down menus, enhanced navigation bar, new dealer locator , multiple specification tools and new multiple dealer tools.
• Improved lead and information generating tools, specifications and software.
• New pictures and rapid product updates with in–house control
• New uniformity between pages, helps browsers receive information clearly and quickly, eliminating browser frustration