Quantum Fitness Medical Stride Leaps into Rehabilitation

Quantum Fitness new medical Stride 210M Elliptical has specific features for medical and rehabilitation patients.

Quantum Fitness is once again proving their determination to be an all around fitness solution manufacturer with the introduction of the Quantum medical stride 210M elliptical. The 210M features an advanced, patented, compact design with an extremely low step height, minimal knee flexion and is only 44” in total length, while still maintaining a large 21” natural stride length. The unique mid drive technology promotes core stability and balance while maintaining a smooth and enjoyable rehab experience. The foot pedals are heavily cushioned to reduce foot fatigue and the upper body arms are designed to fit the widest range of patients and reduce stress to the wrists. With over 30 levels of resistance and a large custom display, the 210M is ideal for any medical or rehabilitation setting.

Quantum Fitness, has been manufacturing high quality medical/rehab and commercial fitness equipment since 1990 and launched the treadmill division in 2005. Quantum has served the Rehabilitation and Fitness industry with numerous exclusively patented products for almost 20 years. In 2006 Quantum tripled the number of treadmill models they offer and with the new venture into the elliptical market are setting the pace to make a permanent mark in the rehabilitation and fitness industry.

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Q-210C Elliptical by Quantum Fitness

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