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Quantum Fitness Announces Its “Revolution in Knee Rehabilitation”

This press release describes the functions of the Quantum Power Quad to aid in knee rehabilitation.

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Caren Ayton
Quantum Fitness

Stafford, TX – November 5, 2007 – Quantum Fitness, a worldwide leader in commercial and rehabilitation products, announced today the introduction of the Power Quad, a revolutionary machine to aid in rehabilitation of knee injuries.

The patented Quantum Power Quad is leading the revolution in knee rehabilitation. Unlike a leg press, the Power Quad offers a closed kinetic way to isolate the quadriceps for fully functional rehabilitation of knee injuries, or to purely exercise the quadriceps.

The specially designed Power Quad was built with comfort and functionality in mind. The patented pivot seat design locks the hip angle for complete isolation of the quadriceps. EMG testing shows there is greater muscle activation achieved by the Power Quad than done with a leg extension.

Quantum Fitness truly had their customers in mind while designing this revolutionary machine. The exercise comfort on the Power Quad can't be beat. The degree of knee flexion can easily be controlled by the simple seat back adjustment. The non encumbered walk in design makes entry and exit from the unit trouble-free for users. The extra large, 27”WX18”H, non-slip footplates allows variation of foot placement for complete comfort.

The patented Power Quad is a one of a kind machine, making its way to revolutionize the medical sectors in rehabilitation. It is reasonably priced, and can be found in Quantum's newly designed Phantom and I Series fitness equipment line.

About Quantum:

Quantum Fitness offers a complete line of cardiovascular and strength equipment including the patented Quantum Stride, a biomechanically superior compact line of elliptical motion trainers, the Quantum Quick Circuits line developed specifically for the needs of children, seniors and significantly deconditioned users, and the Power Crunch Series the most widely known gym abdominal unit worldwide. In addition the company offers the most complete lines weight selected units in the I and Phantom series, as well as a full free weight line. For more information about Quantum Fitness call 1-800-937-2282 or visit www.quantumfitness.com.



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