“Pulse” series of kayaks aims to get more paddlers on the water.

Pelican International’s 2012 offerings will include the “Pulse” family of kayaks, enabling paddlers to get onto the water for as little as $229 (MSRP).

Pelican International's feature-packed “Pulse” series of kayaks aims to get more paddlers on the water for as little as $229.

LAVAL, QUEBEC, March 5, 2012 – Outdoor enthusiasts who have been waiting for a kayak that offers impressive performance at an affordable price are in luck this year. Pelican International, world leader in boating innovation, recently announced that as a result of the company's ongoing efforts in research and development and its continuous investment in the latest boat building technology, Pelican's 2012 offerings will include the “Pulse” family of kayaks, enabling paddlers to get onto the water for as little as $229 (MSRP).

The “Pulse” line consists of 5 sit-in kayak models, including two “angler” models equipped with specialized fishing accessories such as swivel rod holders and flush mount rod holders. The line ranges in price from $229 for a basic 10-foot model to $499 for a fully equipped 12-foot angling kayak. Pelican's newest family-friendly recreational kayaks are simple, economical, versatile kayaks built on a new hull platform that provides the perfect balance between lively performance and stability. All models represent incomparable value in their respective classes.

Superior kayak building technology
In addition to exceptional affordability, Pelican kayaks offer unsurpassed performance and durability. Since 1968, the company has developed several exclusive boat building materials, including RAM-X â„¢, a multi-layer material that has become the benchmark of quality in the industry for its high impact-resistance, its ability to regain its initial shape after a violent impact and its low-maintenance, UV-protected exterior finish.

Pelican is also the only North American kayak manufacturer to use Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology. This technology allows the company to use higher grades of plastic, resulting in stiffer, lighter, more durable products. The combination of Pelican's proprietary materials with the TST process results in a lightweight kayak that offers unparalleled rigidity, exceptional impact and breakage resistance and superior safety.

Environmentally responsible
As a company that promotes enjoyment of the great outdoors, Pelican remains firmly committed to protecting the environment. The company recycles 99.9% of the scrap created during the manufacturing process and uses post-industrial recycled plastic in over half of the boats they produce. In addition, Pelican's 430,000 square foot North American factory uses specially designed air ducts to redirect the heat released by ovens during the molding process to heat the entire facility during the winter months.
Pelican Kayaks are available at authorized retailers throughout North America. To learn more about Pelican International, please visit http://www.pelicansport.com/
Founded in 1968 and based in Laval, Quebec, Pelican is a world leader in the manufacture of kayaks, canoes, small fishing boats, pedal boats and outdoor winter toys. Pelican International promotes safe boating, advising all passengers to wear a coast guard-approved personal flotation device at all times when aboard a boat.