Precor launches new Experience cardio line

Precor adds entertainment, simplicity with new cardio displays

Woodinville, WA - Addressing the crucial role that cardio displays play in enhancing the member experience, Precor adds entertainment, simplicity and durability in a new display design launched across the Precor ExperienceR series heavy commercial cardio equipment line.
"Whether you're new to fitness, or are a long-time member of a fitness facility, the display is a primary component of the member experience - when a display is easy to understand and use, the member enjoys the experience more, they're more likely to attain their goals - and the facility enjoys greater member satisfaction and retention," said Chris Torggler, senior vice president of Precor's Commercial Division.
"Plus, entertainment has taken center stage in the fitness experience, and for facility decision makers, elevating the entertainment offering is the single-most visible and tangible way to make an impact on the member experience," Torggler added.
In launching the new display, Precor becomes the first fitness equipment company to offer a familiar, consistent look across all categories of the ExperienceR series of heavy commercial equipment, with changes to EFXR 576i, 556i and 546i elliptical crosstrainers; C966i and C956i treadmills; C846i upright and recumbent cycles; and the C776i climber.
The consistent look and feel across the line provides comforting familiarity for members to confidently use all types of Precor cardio equipment.
The display's centerpiece is a distinctive and simple set of Tap Control(tm) "paddles," or buttons surrounding Precor's familiar QuickStart(tm) control.

Easy for anyone to read and operate, the paddles control primary machine functions such as speed, CrossRampR, incline, resistance or step rate
responding to user input with a clear, satisfying click that confirms the machine has received the user's direction. Additionally, a 10-key control pad can be used for data entry such as weight
and age, or to control entertainment choices. Users also can access programs directly through a gateway of six buttons representing program
categories, which are consistent across the Precor cardio line.
While a new biofeedback section simply and prominently displays commonly desired metrics of caloric expenditure, heart rate and Precor's own
SmartRateR, experienced users also can access more specialized metrics and goals information through navigation keys and an additional message bar.
Core metrics such as speed, incline, time, pace and other unique to each machine are located beneath the reading rack so users can still view workout metrics even when reading a magazine.
Additional user-friendly improvements include the ability to extend a workout's length without losing accumulated metrics, select the language of
displayed messages and choose between meters and feet for workout measurement.
Entertainment also comes to the fore, with entertainment controls integrated into the display. Users now can make entertainment choices with simple key touches to an entertainment controller near the top of the display, or to a 10-key pad that also accepts programming choices.
An optional high-resolution Cardio Theater personal viewing screen is designed to flow directly out of the top of the display, while the headphone jack is conveniently centered at the bottom of the display, closer to the user and less likely to become snagged during exercise.
"By and large, entertainment equipment has consisted of awkward add-ons that have been a maintenance hassle," Torggler said. "Now, the entertainment controls meet cardio display durability and performance standards, designed as simple components that can be efficiently and affordably replaced."
Torggler added that the new design delivers greater overall durability and lower maintenance costs as a result of factors ranging from modular design for high-wear items, to the transition to highly reliable, durable dome switches that protect the display's internal electronics. Basic cleaning is the only regular maintenance requirement.

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