Powertraveller Announces New US Distribution Partnership With Exo-Science LLC


UK manufacturer, Powertraveller Ltd has appointed Arizona-based Exo-Science LLC as a distributor for their award-winning portable power range for the US outdoor retail and military markets.

PT and EXO logo

Powertraveller's vision is to push the possibilities of portable power so that wherever their customers find themselves, they can go further. The company's aim is to be a global leader in multi-fuel, off-grid power solutions and the latest products in the range have been cleverly designed so that additional charging options can be added at a later date. Alternative ways to charge will include wind, water, steam turbine, gas and hydrogen fuel-cell plus thermo-electric plates, as well as add-on battery modules.

Exo-Science - a distributor of outdoor sustainment products - brings a combined 35 years of distribution experience in the military, retail and aerospace industries. They are proud to support Powertraveller's current range and forthcoming products and aim to establish a competitive foothold in the outdoor retail market.

Exo-Science is currently looking to expand their distribution network within the US. They are looking for dealers, outdoor retail stores and regional representatives who wish to carry the best quality portable solar and power products available on the market today.

In addition to offering award-winning Powertraveller products, Exo-Science is committed to exceptional and unparalleled customer service by providing their dealers with all the necessary tools and knowledge, so that dealers can focus on servicing their greatest asset, the consumer.

For more information on Exo-Science, please visit: www.exo-science.com or call 623-587-8888.

For more information on Powertraveller, please visit: www.powertraveller.com