PowerBlock Trademark update

Powerblock awarded new trademark in Europe.
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PowerBlock is proud to announce receipt of a configuration trademark within the European Union; similar applications are pending in the USA, China and Canada. This type of trademark protects the distinctive shape of the PowerBlock and recognizes that the look of a PowerBlock is absolutely unique. Other well known products protected by configuration trademarks are the foil wrapped Hershey’s Kiss and the glass Coca-Cola bottle. Trademark protection prevents these icons from being copied; PowerBlock is pleased to join such prestigious company.

PowerBlock owns the broadest intellectual property portfolio in the selectorized hand weight industry. Consumers know that the distinctive look of a PowerBlock guarantees that they are purchasing the world’s best quick change dumbbell on the market today. With additional patents and trademarks pending worldwide, our goal is to continue to build the brand loyalty that has made PowerBlock the worldwide leader in high performance hand weights.


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