Polarmax Warms Up Winter X Games 14

Polarmax warms up Winter X Games athletes with tech base layers

As yet another part of their 25th anniversary celebration, Polarmax has entered into an agreement to be the base layer at Winter X Games 14 this January in Aspen, CO. As the only base layer at the games, Polarmax will provide product to 250 Winter X-Games athletes throughout the 4-day event.

As one arm of Polarmax’s grass roots marketing program, the Polarmax Street Team will team up with one of the greenest sporting events in the country to provide X Games EcoFacts and base layer information to attendees at X Fest.

The Polarmax Base Tent at X Fest near the jumbotron screen, will feature X Games events and parties, with a feed to the Polarmax booth at the SIA show in Denver, CO. The Polarmax Street Team will also be providing education to athletes and spectators about the importance technical base layers for cold weather and why Polarmax is the best choice to keep them warm, dry and comfortable in any climate. Polarmax is also one

of the greenest manufacturing companies in the world and has a very small carbon footprint, and is proud to be a presenter of X Games EcoFacts.

Come see the new Polarmax and PMX lines of technical base layers, and party in the Polarmax Base Tent at X Fest 2010.

Longworth Industries Based in West End, North Carolina, Longworth industries manufactures and markets Polarmax and XGO technical base-layer apparel. Longworth Industries is the exclusive manufacturer and retail distributor for Opedix. Longworth Industries products are 100% made in the U.S.A. Visit us on the web at www.polarmax.com and www.opedix.com


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