Pinneco® Debuts Pinneco Core®, Presence in Insotect Tubic

Pinneco Research Ltd. is pleased to announce the official launch of its inaugural fiber insulation product named Pinneco Core® which will debut as a key ingredient in Insotect’s newest insulation system.

VANCOUVER BC July 26, 2012 – Pinneco Research Ltd. is pleased to announce the official launch of its inaugural fiber insulation product named Pinneco Core® which will debut as a key ingredient in Insotect's newest insulation system.

Pinneco Core represents a major breakthrough in insulation innovation through the combination of its revolutionary design, thermal efficiency and sustainability value. This new synthetic insulation technology features a breathable membrane and fiber layers capitalizing on multi-faceted and versatile performance capabilities as each layer offers its own unique benefit. Through a patent pending process; the insulation and the membrane are effectively transformed into a virtual air pump, actively drawing moisture away while retaining warmth within.

Just as importantly, Pinneco Core embodies Pinneco's fundamental commitment to sustainability value. The entire process of creating the insulation adheres to the company's strict environmental & resource guidelines which eliminates many toxic by-products making Pinneco Core a leading eco-friendly innovation.

Pinneco Core will make its debut as the exclusive fiber insulation component in Insotect Tubic; the newest Insotect insulation system slated to be available for retail in early 2013. This comes as a result of a newly formed strategic alliance between Pinneco Research Ltd. and Insotect Ltd. The synergy of the two companies' core competencies has resulted in the perfect pairing between Pinneco Core's revolutionary proactive thermal regulation and Insotect Tubic's innovative structure combining to deliver ultimate gear performance.

The establishment of this relationship expedites Pinneco's ability to champion a well established channel partner while aligning themselves with a leading industry brand. The alliance brings immediate strategic opportunities to both companies who share parallel values of quality, innovation and performance.

About Insotect

Insotect is the originator of the ground-breaking insulation system concept that has become one of the most significant drivers of performance for sleeping bags in the outdoor gear industry. The company delivers forward-thinking innovation directly related to improved performance and comfort for outdoor gear. Insotect's insulation systems and technologies have been adopted by leading industry brands such as Marmot, EMS, Big Agnes, Montbell, and others. Insotect is widely recognized by the industry as the world's leading solution provider and innovator of outdoor comfort technology. For more information please visit:

About Pinneco

Pinneco® is a pioneer in fiber-insulation innovation, delivering superior product solutions and eco-engineering. As an innovation leader driven to continuously improve and redefine fiber-insulation excellence, we deliver the most refined & progressive fiber-insulation solutions. As a key global advocate for environmental conservation, we are committed to eco-friendly product development in strict accordance with the world's leading environmental standards. For more information please visit: