Petzl Launches New Line of Compact Headlamps

Tikka2 & Zipka2 Series Bring More Power, More Features and More Value to Retailers and Consumers

CLEARFIELD, Utah (September 1st, 2009) – Petzl, the originator of the outdoor-specific headlamp, is launching a brand new line of compact hands-free lighting®. Building on the popularity of the original, best-selling Petzl Tikka®, the new Tikka2 and Zipka2 series of headlamps feature the latest in LED technology for vastly improved lighting performance.

Powerful and versatile, the Tikka2 and Zipka2 series headlamps are up to 54% brighter, longer lasting, and feature improved functionality, including larger on/off switches and easy to open battery compartments. The completely restructured range offers six new lights that suitable for a wide range of uses from serious alpine climbing to walking the dog.

•Tikka2: positioned in the heart of the new range, this versatile light is the go-to choice for efficient, bright, hands-free light.
•Tikka Plus2: multi-purpose power for any outdoor pursuit, including red and signal lighting.
•Tikka XP2: maximum brightness and versatility for frequent outdoor users, including red and signal lighting, and an easy-to-switch, spring-loaded Wide Angle lens.
•Zipka2: the compact light to keep at hand for home, car or camp.
•Zipka Plus2: a highly packable, go-anywhere lamp for ultra-compact performance, with red and signal lighting.
•Tikkina2: an ultra-compact and long-lasting light available in 4 bright colors - a great holiday gift for just about anyone on the list.

Both Zipka2 series headlamps feature a thin adjustable and retractable cord for quick and convenient use, whether worn on the head or wrist or hung as a lantern.

“Hats off to Petzl's R&D team for this impressive range of lights, which integrates the latest in lighting technology,” says Christian Mason, Headlamp Division Manager for Petzl America. “Each of the six models is designed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of customers, from the occasional user to the core climber.”

Tikka2 and Zipka2 series headlamps will arrive in stores September 1st. New, trim packaging gives retailers more efficient and cost-effective shipping and the ability to display a deeper inventory of units and colors. New Tower of Power point-of-purchase displays placed at prominent shops will improve the customer experience with color-coding for easy lamp selection, multiple display options, and a headlamp buyer's guide – all tools that have proven to increase headlamp sales (for more information on the POP, please contact

Further supporting the new line is the launch of an integrated print advertising and web marketing campaign including online video and photo contests with prizes as brilliant as the lights themselves. For more information, visit, a dedicated web portal for the new lights.

About Petzl Lighting
Petzl has been a leading innovator of hands-free lighting since 1973, when it invented the first headlamp that didn't need to be permanently affixed to a helmet. Petzl headlamps are now standard equipment on a full range of adventures: from exploring the earth's deepest caverns and extreme Himalayan mountaineering first ascents to family camping trips. Petzl's newest generation – the Tikka2 and Zipka 2 series – features the latest in lighting technology and functionality.



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