Petzl America Hires Rick Vance as Technical Information Manager

Petzl America Hires Rick Vance as Technical Information Manager

CLEARFIELD, Utah (August 12th, 2009) – Petzl America, a leading manufacturer of climbing gear and Hands-Free Lighting™, announces the appointment of Rick Vance to the position of Technical Information Manager, reflecting Petzl’s commitment to communicating user safety for sport and professional applications.

Rick comes to Petzl with a background in engineering and a passion for climbing. A former senior research engineer at the University of Utah’s Orthopedic Research Laboratory, Vance understands engineering for practical applications. Additionally, he has extensive climbing and mountaineering experience, including first ascents in Alaska and Utah. His sharp, critical thinking skills and engineering background combined with his in-depth knowledge of the vertical world make Rick a superb addition to the Petzl team.

As Technical Information Manager, Rick will vet technical documents and communications from Petzl, develop and manage training programs for Petzl America personnel, and ensure that work and rescue equipment conforms to North American standards. Rick will also analyze unique applications of Petzl equipment with an eye toward emerging techniques in climbing, rescue and professional use. 

“Education and safety have always been at the cornerstone of Petzl’s mission,” said Roody Rasmussen, President of Petzl America. “Rick’s background as a mechanical engineer and his extensive experience in the vertical world will help us carry out that mission,” he continued.

“Having a position dedicated to analyzing and addressing users’ technical issues and requests speaks volumes about Petzl’s commitment to user safety,” said Vance.“My role is not simply about reacting to current safety concerns in the vertical world, but to proactively research and anticipate potential safety issues as vertical techniques evolve.”

Long recognized for its dedication to communicating vertical techniques with an emphasis on safety, Petzl strives to provide climbers and professionals the maximum amount of technical- and product-related information. Petzl has set the industry standard by publishing comprehensive safety information in its technical notices, catalogs, on its website (, and in the development of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) inspection guidelines.

Petzl’s commitment to safety is further evidenced by the recent inauguration of V.Axess, a research center and campus for product development and testing in conditions and situations similar to those experienced in the real world. Based in France, V. Axess also serves as a training center that brings mountain, rescue and industry professionals together to develop the vertical access techniques and tools of the future.

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Petzl America is the U.S. division of Petzl, headquartered in France.Petzl America, based in Clearfield, Utah, has been recognized by Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2008.For over 50 years, Petzl has been developing innovative tools and techniques used by those entering the vertical world. Today, the Petzl brand is closely associated with adventure, exploration, rescue, and many notable exploits in the worlds of rock climbing and alpinism. Petzl climbing hardware and headlamps can be found in outdoor specialty shops and premium sporting goods retailers around the world.For more information, visit: