Paleo Pro, Makers of “Farm to Shake” Real Food Protein Powders Selects SMACK! Media to Promote their Line of Paleo Products

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Paleo Pro protein, recovery and greens powders have become increasingly popular in the booming sports nutrition market



(Carlsbad, CA – July 27, 2017) Paleo Pro, makers of delicious “real food” protein and recovery powders, has selected SMACK! Media to support marketing and public relations initiatives for their clean line of minimally processed, gluten-free and delicious line of products. Newly launched and already sold in Whole Foods and other retailers across the nation, Paleo Pro protein, recovery and greens powders have become increasingly popular in the booming sports nutrition market and amongst lifestyle, wellness and nutrition audiences because they are sourced from whole-food ingredients, practically “Farm To Shake” and truly Paleo, meaning that they are free of soy, dairy and especially whey.

Each scoop of Paleo Pro protein powder packs 26 grams of protein per serving derived from eggs of humanely raised chickens and naturally raised USDA lean beef. The Paleo Pro line of products also features Paleo Greens Powder, a 100% plant based protein, and Paleo Recovery Powder crafted with sweet potatoes and full of vitamins, carotenes and naturally balancing electrolytes.

Paleo Pro founders and formulators Doug Smith and Bill Fitzsimmons are self-proclaimed ‘paleo nuts’ who grew frustrated at the lack of ‘real food’ and convenient paleo protein powder products. They were amazed how even the more hardcore paleo of their friends used whey-based protein powders, or protein powders that claimed to be paleo protein powders but were actually full of artificial ingredients.

Smith and Fitzsimmons’ mission was to make a protein powder that they would actually use and feel good about using. Their requirements were rigorous: The powder had to contain no soy, no whey, no dairy products nor lactose; no added sugar or artificial sweeteners; no preservatives; no artificial ingredients; no gluten, grains nor wheat products and no harmful or chemical processing. The powder also had to be high in easily digestible protein, easy on the stomach, and taste amazing. Their dedication to their healthy and active lifestyles and desire for a pure, portable and Paleo Product led to the launch of Paleo Pro.

“We are excited to partner with SMACK! Media to promote Paleo Pro’s story and unique-to-market ‘air-dried, real food’ protein powder,” said Doug Smith, Co-Owner of Paleo Pro. “SMACK! Media Founder, Eli Carlson, and her team of nutritionists and athletes are daily users of Paleo Pro and together with their skill set, passion, and deep connections in the world of sports, health and fitness, they are a natural fit for us.”

“We are a team of athletes, nutritionists, and adventurers at SMACK and very much understand the importance of fueling and cleanly nourishing our bodies for our adventures on the roads, trails, and in everyday life,” said Elisette “Eli” Carlson, Founder of SMACK! Media. “I’ve witnessed firsthand how Paleo Pro protein powder helps fuel my tough workouts, leaving me feeling satiated and energized, and no longer with the stomach distress that other protein products, particularly whey, may cause. We’re excited to help this authentic company spread their products and message to wider audiences that include athletes, nutritionists, travelers, and just about anyone wanting to nourish their bodies with clean protein and pure ingredients.”

Paleo Pro products are available in a variety of flavors online at and in major grocery stores nationwide. Visit to learn more or find a retailer.

About Paleo Pro

The team at Paleo Pro is committed to making products tailored for all lifestyles using only the highest quality ingredients available. Their process is to start with high quality ingredients like eggs from humanely raised chickens and naturally raised USDA lean beef. Then, they mix each ingredient separately with water and spray the broth through a high-pressure nozzle in a heat tunnel. The nozzle vaporizes the mixture into droplets which are instantly dried into little powder particles. The result is air-dried real food that’s high in protein, delicious and helps support active lifestyles. http://www.Paleo

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