Pacific Rep Works adds Clif Bar and

Pacific Rep Works - Northwest Representatives for Camelbak, Chariot, Sugoi, Yakima, Mion Footwear and BuiltNY - add Clif Bar and to their offering

Pacific Rep Works - Northwest Representatives - Michael Blumenstein - Dana Ham - Kyle Lawson and Mitch Lemas have added Clif Bar and to their list of vendors servicing outdoor, Bicycle, Run/Fitness and General Sports goods retailers. Please check out for more details.
Clif Bar, Simply the best. We are stoked to be on board with them!


MoJo by Clif Bar

Clif himself might argue that we are mistaken to have placed this new product in this sports nutrition review when the company is very adamant that it is a SNACK bar, something that would get picked up instead of, say, trail mix. We think the spokespeople are saying that because more

Pacific Rep Works

Pacific Rep Works is not your typical sales agency. P.R.W LLC. was formed in 2005 to build efficiencies into a business that requires us to be at multiple locations at the same time. Pacific Rep Works is a full service sales agency, successfully selling in Washington, Oregon, more