Outdoor Sales Agency BStarsales Launches New Website Using Repatron

Repatron announced that outdoor sales agency BStarsales has launched their new website using the Repatron service for Rep/Sales Agencies. The new site is online at www.bstarsales.com

Sarasota, FL. Repatron announced that outdoor sales agency BStarsales has launched their new website using the Repatron service for Rep/Sales Agencies. The new site is online at www.bstarsales.com . Owned by Beth Brockway, BStarsales is an active footwear sales agency covering North and South Carolina for the leading brands Teva and Acorn. Repatron provides affordable and innovative sales agency branding/dealer support websites specifically for the outdoor industry. The service is available as a cloud offering and is built using industry leading Google technology. The Repatron service for Rep/Sales Agencies is currently being offered at the introductory price of $610.

“We are very happy to be working with Beth at BStarsales” says Peter Pawlus, Product Manager at Repatron. “We have had success with a number of rep agencies that Beth knows and partners with to include Ken Schappert's lead agency, Dynamic Sports Marketing ( www.dynamicsportsmkt.com ). Beth's site, www.bstarsales.com, is a site where we were able to incorporate several web apps and the latest learnings we have from a technology and an outdoor rep perspective. The ability to learn and then rapidly incorporate improvements into the Repatron sites gives us an advantage over the older build it and watch it rot websites.”

“At this point, every rep/sales agency should have a website. That is the new minimum in the industry. You then step above your peers when you add dealer support functionality to an already professional branding website. If done properly with a service like Repatron, it adds a new level of professionalism to reps and sales agencies and provides a higher level of value-add for their retailer customers.”

Repatron features included in Bstarsales.com:

. Customized look and feel for Beth's sales agency web site to reflect a younger active demographic. Custom @bstarsales.com email address.
. Automatic music feed (which the visitor can turn on or off) to give the site a hip feel.
. Home Page slideshow that displays lifestyle and product images. As a non-flash feature, it works on iPads as well. Pictures are easily updated to reflect changing selling seasons.
. Trade show scheduler that allows retailers to see available scheduling slots for the agency and reserve the necessary time to see the latest products at the show.
. Trade show listing page with details for the shows.
. News & Reviews section with the latest happenings in the marketplace for the brands represented.
. Retailer Training section with links to training videos and online courses.
. New Dealer request form - to help pre-qualify legit new retailers from “I just want to pay wholesale” losers
. Matching YouTube Channel that features rich media training and reviews of BStarsale's brand partners
. Separate brand pages to give background on the brands as well as brand social media links and any B2B links for the dealers
. Support for the iPad as well as iPhone and Android phones.
. 6 months of included real-person Repatron support and updates.

Repatron is headquartered in Sarasota, FL. Repatron provides an affordable and innovative independent sales rep system built on the scalable and industry-proven Google Application platform. It incorporates common outdoor sales rep required features. A unique brand specific shared resources area leverages the collective power of Repatron-enabled reps to keep the dealer only areas fresh and up to date. Repatron allows the rep to “Sell More & Fumble Less” in producing material required to get their job done and the orders in.

BStarsales is an active footwear sales agency owned by Beth Brockway in North Carolina. BStarsales covers North and South Carolina and currently represents Teva and Acorn. Lead agency Dynamic Sports Marketing, owned by Ken Schappert, is an established sales agency specializing in the athletic and outdoor markets in the Greater Southeast.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Pawlus
4411 Bee Ridge Rd. #448
Sarasota, FL 34236
Ph: 941-363-1014 Google Voice