Outdoor Retailer Industry Party to feature ‘Ping Pong Smackdown’

First-ever, never-to-be-forgotten ping pong tourney will feature 20 tables, a CEO beer-pong challenge, and the finest 237 teams the outdoor industry has to offer
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – If you build a ping-pong championship bracket, they will come.

At the 2007 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, three of the industry's most unique brands are coming together to throw one of the industry's most unusual events: the first-ever “Ping Pong Smackdown” tournament.

Hosted by Horny Toad, Life is Good, and Crumpler, the single-elimination doubles event will be held during the opening night Industry Party on Thursday, August 11.

A spectacle as much as a sporting event, the tournament will feature 20 ping pong tables on the grassy area outside of the Energy Solutions Area, a drum circle, an open bracket for ORSM attendees, and a charity challenge CEO “beer pong” bracket.

A trophy -- "the Smackdown Cup" -- and numerous prizes will be awarded.

The CEO beer pong challenge kicks off at 6:15 pm sharp, with the open tournament starting at 6:20 pm.

According to organizers, the field will include up to 237 teams; the format will be sudden death matches to 11; and paddles will be provided.

Interested players may pick up entry forms at the booths of Horny Toad, Life is Good or Crumpler. As presenting sponsors may choose how they want to distribute these vouchers, be prepared to beg.

Entry forms will outline tournament rules, feature the team's number, and provide instructions on paddle pickup. Participants who don't show up for their match will be immediately disqualified.

For more information, contact your nearest Horny Toad, Life is Good or Crumpler staffer.