Outdoor Research Bivy Sack Laminate Statement for Spring 2006

For the past several years, OR used a specifically engineered W.L.Gore laminate for bivy sack comfort and planned a re-introduction for spring 2006 under the name of Respiration Positive. Gore was unable to provide this fabric in time for launch…

W. L. Gore & Associates and Outdoor Research have been working closely for many years to deliver the highest standard in bivy sack performance. OR bivies have always been made using GORE-TEX® laminate. For the past several years, OR has used a laminate specifically engineered to increase comfort in bivy sacks. This laminate was to be re-introduced to the market for spring 2006 under the name of Respiration Positive. Unfortunately, Gore was unable to provide the Respiration Positive laminate in time for the spring 2006 launch. OR was not aware of this situation at the time of the bivy sack manufacture.

Because some bivy sacks have been incorrectly marketed and sold under the Respiration Positive fabric name, Gore and OR are working together to ensure that all consumers are able to obtain the correct product – one that meets the consumer's expectation and fully reflects the product promise. Consumers who purchase the spring 06 bivy sacks will be given the opportunity to receive an additional Respiration Positive Outdoor Research bivy at no cost to them.

The GORE-TEX® fabric in the spring 06 bivies is guaranteed by Gore to be waterproof and vapor permeable. However, this laminate provides a different level of sleeping comfort than offered by the Respiration Positive laminate. As with all bivy sacks, consumers are encouraged to follow the care and usage instructions.

Please contact Outdoor Research customer service at 1.888.467.4327 for further details.