Osmo Nutrition Partners with Pro Triathlete and Multiple Ironman 70.3 Champion Emma-Kate Lidbury



(Fairfax, CA – February 13, 2014) - - OSMO Nutrition, creators of sports hydration and recovery products specifically optimized for male and female physiology and based on peer-reviewed science and fieldwork with athletes, is pleased to welcome Pro Triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury to their team. 

British born and raised Emma-Kate Lidbury is a 6-time Ironman 70.3 Champion who resides and trains in Los Angeles, CA. Lidbury has her eyes set on the Ironman 70.3 World Championship for 2014 and will be racing several half-Ironman distance races this year including Texas 70.3, St. George 70.3, Mont Tremblant 70.3, Vineman 70.3 and Kansas 70.3. She is coached by Matt Dixon of Purple Patch Fitness.

“We are really excited to have Emma-Kate on our team for 2014,” said Lisa Hunt, Manager of Marketing and Sponsorships for Osmo Nutrition. “We are inspired by the way she carries herself both on and off the race course as a fierce athlete but also as an excellent ambassador who is well-spoken and has already provided great feedback for us.”

Lidbury’s start in triathlon wasn’t exactly something she had planned for. She was formerly a newspaper journalist in her native UK and her editor wanted one of his staff members to take part in the UK’s second largest triathlon, the Blenheim Triathlon, to write a first person account of the piece. With a background in competitive swimming, Lidbury was considered “the most likely to survive” and so the piece was assigned to her. This little media assignment resulted in her getting hooked and the event changed her life forever.

Lidbury comments, “As a professional triathlete, my fueling and nutrition have to be completely fine tuned for optimal training and performance. For this reason, I am very happy to be working with Osmo Nutrition. It’s been so eye opening for me to work and learn from Stanford physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims. A woman’s nutrition needs vary significantly from a man’s and I have already noticed a difference in my training from using Osmo’s three female-specific products. Using the Women’s Pre-Load, Active Hydration and Acute Recovery products made a significant impact on my training and recovery during a recent high volume, high intensity training camp in Kona, Hawaii. I’m hugely impressed with the products and very excited for the year ahead.”


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