Optic Nerve signs on as Save the Poles sponsor

Optic Nerve has signed on as an equipment sponsor for the Save the Poles expedition to the top, bottom and roof of the world. Eric Larsen, Save the Poles leader, departed Thursday on a training mission to the South Pole.

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Optic Nerve signs on as Save the Poles sponsor

Polar Explorer Eric Larsen will take Optic Nerve sunglasses to the top, bottom and roof of the world in one year

DENVER, COLO. (November 18, 2008) – Optic Nerve has signed on as an equipment sponsor for the upcoming Save the Poles expedition to the top, bottom and roof of the world. Eric Larsen, Save the Poles leader, departed Thursday on a training mission to the South Pole, outfitted with Optic Nerve sunglasses and goggles.

On his Save the Poles expedition, Larsen will journey to the North Pole, South Pole and summit of Mount Everest in a 365-day period – the first time one person will reach all three “poles” in one year. The expedition's objectives are to raise awareness about global warming and advocate for solutions; produce a documentary film, book and educational CD-ROM that focus on global warming, teamwork and the spirit of adventure; and develop a post-expedition multimedia lecture series for education in schools and organizations.

“Sunglasses and goggles are critical to safety and survival on a polar expedition,” Larsen said. “Optic Nerve's commitment to quality and functionality will be an important factor in my success at reaching the South Poles and completing my Save the Poles expedition.”

Optic Nerve will outfit Larsen and his various expedition teams with eyewear for each leg of the expedition.

“Optic Nerve was born in the Rockies, and we continue to live and play in Colorado, testing our product here and basing our headquarters near Denver,” said Bill Cotton, president of Optic Nerve. “Because we are so dependent on our environment, we also work every day to protect it through initiatives like installing solar panels to power our headquarters. Because of our commitment to this issue, the mission of the Save the Poles expedition is something that resonated with everyone at Optic Nerve, and we are honored to be a part of the expedition.”

Optic Nerve's headquarters was designed with foam core concrete block engineering that provides an R Value Range of 22-40, energy-efficient swamp cooling, as well as skylights. Additionally, the building has 62 solar panels that will provide up to 10,000 watts at peak capacity. Annually, the solar photovoltaic system, which is quiet and produces clean energy with no emissions, will save over 13,200 Kilowatt-hours. Installing one kilowatt of solar power is the equivalent of planting 50 trees.

Optic Nerve also reaches out to the community by sponsoring local athletes and races, promoting community initiatives like Bike to Work day, supporting organizations like the dZi Foundation and many other outreach initiatives.

About Eric Larsen
Larsen has spent his entire life in pursuit of wilderness. An arctic explorer, dog musher, adventure racer and educator, he has spent the past 12 years adventuring in some of the most remote and wild places left on earth. Totaled, Larsen has traveled enough wilderness miles to circle the globe nearly two and half times. Larsen's history-making expedition, One World Expedition, was the first-ever summer journey to the North Pole. Larsen's other expeditions include a 700-mile dog sled journey through Northern Ontario, a six-week dog sled journey in the barren lands of the Canadian Arctic, several training trips to Hudson Bay and countless dog sled races. He has also ridden his bike across the United States, been a back country ranger in Alaska, a white water canoe guide in Colorado and wilderness trip leader in Hawaii. Larsen was recently voted one of Outside Magazine's Eco All Stars for his Global Warming advocacy work. A gifted communicator as well, Larsen travels the country giving motivational and educational lectures to K-12 schools, universities, nonprofit organizations and corporate groups. To see more about this modern-day explorer, visit www.savethepoles.com.

About Optic Nerve and Mountain Shades
Based in Colorado's mountain playground, Optic Nerve and Mountain Shades have been making performance-driven, price-conscious eyewear for nearly 25 years. Optic Nerve is Colorado to the core and has tested product in and out of rivers, lakes, mountains, plains, forest and more. To meet all of their adventure needs, the company continually finds ways to blend style and technology to deliver durable and comfortable eyewear with high-end performance and a lifetime guarantee, allowing consumers to spend their money on other gear besides their sunglasses. All styles have the same 100 percent UVA and UVB protection; lightweight, durable construction; and fashion-conscious styling found in more expensive brands, at a fraction of the price. For more information visit, www.nerveusa.com.

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