Opedix Taps Backbone Media


(Phoenix, Ariz.) June 3, 2013 – Opedix, maker of Kinetic Health™ gear for performance, recovery and rehabilitation, has secured the services of Backbone Media to manage its public relations and social media strategy.

While rehabbing a knee injury in 2004, retired businessman and Vail ski instructor Kim Gustafson conceived an idea for athletic apparel that could speed up his recovery and improve his skiing. Gustafson worked with a team of biomechanical scientists at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute in Vail, Colorado, to create apparel prototypes, which were then experimentally tested in the lab and in the field. With proof of concept in hand, Gustafson launched Opedix Kinetic Health™ gear later that year.

Opedix gear employs proprietary combinations of fabric elasticities that function like an external muscle, optimizing joint function and promoting proper movement. Since its launch, Opedix technology has undergone years of refinement by biomechanical scientists and medical doctors as well as vigorous field-testing by professional athletes. The current line of apparel includes Opedix KNEE-Tec™ Tights and CORE-Tec™ Shorts in men’s and women’s styles.

“We’ve had the opportunity to test Opedix products first-hand and we’re really impressed by the results,” says Ian Anderson, PR director at Backbone Media. “It helped several people in our office who suffer from lower back pain and others suffering from persistent knee issues. Even better, we all feel noticeably stronger and faster wearing Opedix while skiing and running.”

"I worked extensively with Backbone while I was at Cloudveil and it’s great to be teaming up with them once more,” states Opedix vice president of business development, Brian Cousins. “I enjoy working with people that have experienced the real-world benefits of our products and believe in the brand as much as I do.”

About Backbone Media

Backbone Media is a public relations, media planning and buying, and social media agency that partners with brands to target, engage and inspire the active lifestyle market. For over 15 years, Backbone has worked with leading outdoor gear, apparel, technology, food and beverage brands, as well as tourism destinations around the world. Backbone has offices in Carbondale and Denver, Colorado, and Jackson, Wyoming. www.BackboneMedia.net

About Opedix

Founded in 2004, Opedix makes Kinetic Health™ gear to enhance performance, recovery and rehabilitation by improving joint alignment and promoting proper movement. Leading biomechanical scientists and medical doctors developed Opedix CORE-Tec™ Shorts and KNEE-Tec™ Tights, which feature a combination of fabric tensions that work like an external muscle to optimize joint function. Opedix technology is scientifically designed to aid the recovery of back, leg and knee injuries as well as improve performance for skiers, snowboarders, runners, golfers and athletes across all disciplines. For more information, visit www.Opedix.com