ONIT: Tailored Social Media Approach For The Outdoor Industry, OR, SIA

Onit will be at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer and SIA shows this year and is available to discuss your current social media campaigns and strategies.


Unique platform geared specifically towards outdoor consumers

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Piermont, NY, January 12, 2010 – Onit Marketing Announces New Social Media Approach to Outdoor and Natural Products. Onit will be at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer and SIA shows this year and is available to discuss your current social media campaigns and strategies.

Onit Marketing, a boutique social media agency, with a specialty in outdoor and natural products, has initiated tailored campaigns for the outdoor and natural products consumer.

Using a clear, cutting-edge, strategic approach to develop and build social platforms and communities for the outdoor industry, Onit researches and monitors all industry trends to keep its clients in the forefront of social media message platforms.

Onit works with web development, widgets, apps, and social media software to help its outdoor and natural product clients develop the engaging community that clients and customers are looking for.

“Our team becomes an extension of our partners marketing team and helps your company figure out your internal resources and then works with them. We also review all consumer facing touchpoints for our branded partners helping them become more social in nature, thus helping the company truly become an engaging social company,” said Roni Rudell, President of Onit Marketing.

Under Rudell's leadership, Onit has helped many companies start in social media. The company has also helped many of its clients restructure existing social programs. “No matter what your knowledge level of social media is we can help you get to the next level,” said Rudell, a seasoned brand executive at the forefront of social media who holds an MBA from Pace University, and a graduate certificate in Digital Marketing from NYU.

Across the country, Roni is a sought after professional talent as companies recruit her because she has a rare social media skill set with 20 years of branding and interactive experience.

Onit Marketing has a large roster of present and past clients including Merrell, Chrome Bags, Ola Loa, Lulan Artisans, MyEarth360, Vans, and Airwalk. Onit creates a structured approach involving research, strategy, and execution to steer clients through the social media jungle and discover the options out there. Figure out your social strategy, visit OnitMarketing.com or contact Roni at Roni@OnitMarketing.com.

About Onit Marketing:

Onit Marketing, LLC is a social media boutique firm based in Piermont, NY. Onit Marketing (www.onitmarketing.com) that specializes in online branding and marketing. Onit becomes an online voice and extension of the client's marketing team. Onit creates social media strategies and creative concepts across all consumer touch points that connect target audiences to brands authentically.

Roni Rudell
Chief Social Media Alchemist
P 202-258-0657