OIWC releases survey results on perceptions of gender diversity and workplace values; results shaped OIWC’s 2013-2016 goals


BOULDER, COLO., June 21, 2013 – The Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC), the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Outdoor, Snow, Run, and Bike Industries, has announced the key findings from its first ever workplace study. Conducted in early 2012, in partnership with Leisure Trends Group, the survey was completed by more than 1,500 outdoor industries’ professionals. 

The study found that in terms of the importance and perceptions of how well companies are doing in delivering on values of gender equity—particularly valuing a flexible work schedule, a culture of respect between the genders, and perspective of all genders—there are significant statistical differences between the genders. Consequently, the study found that while women make up more than half the talent pool for all companies in the outdoor industries, there is a notable absence of women leaders, as well as a low-rate of working mothers, in those industries.

"The purpose of the study was to take a deeper look at workplace diversity and inclusion to see how our organization can better serve our members and the outdoor industry as a whole,” explained Deanne Buck, executive director of OIWC. "We feel the findings on perceptions of gender equity present opportunities for OIWC, so we’re using the information collected to look to the future and focus our efforts on the areas the industry has identified as most important to them and in which we feel we can make the biggest impact.”

The study’s findings have helped shape OIWC’s 2013-2016 goals, which include building its resources around leadership education and workplace diversity and inclusion to increase opportunities for women; increasing women's leadership at all levels in the workforce; building a set of Best Practices in which other companies can refer; and partnering with Outdoor, Snow, and Bike Industry leaders on greater workplace diversity to share their knowledge and wisdom around sustainable practices that are good for business.

The Workplace Study Report is free for OIWC members and can be downloaded here. For non-members, the Report is available for $199.