Octane’s Cross Circuit Pro Merges Cardio and Strength

As the New Year begins and health clubs are packed, Octane Fitness, LLC is launching Cross Circuit Pro on its commercial standing ellipticals as an incredibly versatile tool for exercisers and personal trainers.

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. – Oct. 25, 2010 – As the New Year begins and health clubs are packed with more members, Octane Fitness, LLC (www.octanefitness.com) is launching Cross Circuit Pro on its commercial Pro3700 and Pro4700 standing ellipticals as an incredibly versatile tool for exercisers and personal trainers that jump-starts results, generates excitement on the cardio floor and boosts revenue.
Cross Circuit Pro uniquely combines cardio intervals on Octane ellipticals with strength training sets for individual workouts, or instructor-led one-on-one, small group or class sessions. Exercisers benefit from rigorous conditioning and heightened motivation, and health clubs and trainers can utilize Cross Circuit Pro as a potential new revenue stream.
“I really like Cross Circuit Pro – it looks great and is very efficient and effective,” said Paul Robbins, metabolic specialist at Athletes' Performance, an elite performance training center in Phoenix, Ariz. “I've been using this type of training with my military clients and professional athletes, and they love the wide variety of exercises in a short period of time. And now, with everything built into one piece on the Octane machine, I can easily create progressions with set workloads and times to measure their improvements and training loads."
Engaging and Effective Training
Cross Circuit Pro consists of two PowerBlock dumbbells, which are easily adjustable from either four to 32 pounds each or four to 50 pounds each, an integrated PowerBlock stand, stationary foot platforms on the elliptical and two Cross Circuit Pro routines: Group and Solo.
In the Group program, a personal trainer or instructor leads one or several exercisers through regimens that alternate between cardio work on the machine, and up to three minutes of strength training either on the stationary foot platforms or on the floor adjacent to the elliptical. Trainers determine the duration of the cardio and the strength cycles, as well as the exercises. During the strength sets, the elliptical tracks time and an estimated caloric expenditure, affording full credit for the challenging work on the floor.
The Solo routine enables exercisers to personally select the cardio interval time, and the machine prompts them to perform 8-20 repetitions of a strength exercise before returning to cardio. Individuals can choose their own combination and sequence of exercises to meet their goals.
Strength periods can include body weight exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups, combined with an endless variety of traditional and functional movements using accessories including the PowerBlock dumbbells, resistance tubing, barbells, stability balls, BOSU Balance Trainers, balance boards, medicine balls and gliding disks.
“The opportunities with Cross Circuit Pro and virtually unlimited, based on the creativity of instructors and exercisers,” said Tim Porth, executive vice president of product development and marketing at Octane Fitness. “We're breaking down walls between cardio and strength at the gym, and giving people a progressive, fun way to exercise.”
Cross Circuit Pro Debut
Initially shown at the Club Industry 2010 Conference and Expo October 7-8 in Chicago, Cross Circuit Pro quickly generated an ongoing buzz among fitness professionals, health club managers/operators and exercisers. Club staff discussed hosting fee-based Cross Circuit Pro classes, trainers planned to use Cross Circuit with clients and some group exercise instructors
considered adding classes to their schedules. Health clubs immediately recognized how Cross Circuit Pro adds variety on the floor, and increases retention and revenue, and trainers and instructors appreciated the innovative opportunity for greater visibility with members, along with a versatile way to develop workouts. See Cross Circuit Pro in action from a video shoot at Club Industry at http://tiny.cc/lfmsc.
Cross Circuit Pro will be on display at booth #1414 at the Athletic Business Conference and Expo, December 2-4, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego. It will be available for purchase from Octane sales representatives and dealers in Q1 2011.
For individual workouts at home, Octane this year created CROSS CiRCUIT+ on its standing home ellipticals, including the intense Upper-Body Blast, Lower-Body Blast, Total-Body Blast and Core Focus, which utilize Octane's exclusive Powerbands. CROSS CiRCUIT+ has been very popular.
Octane Fitness Background
Fueled by a relentless passion to offer the best elliptical machines, Octane Fitness is committed exclusively to delivering breakthrough, performance cross training—unlike any other fitness equipment manufacturer today. Low-impact, effective cardiovascular equipment is the sole focus of Octane Fitness' extensive research, development, testing and manufacturing—all ultimately to benefit exercisers with superior quality products; innovative, effective workouts and unparalleled personalized service.
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Find Octane on Facebook. Images are available; contact Julie King at 847.638.1582 or jking@octanefitness.com. For more information, contact the company at 888-OCTANE4 (888-628-2634) or www.octanefitness.com. Octane Fitness, CROSS CiRCUIT+ and Cross Circuit Pro are registered trademarks of Octane Fitness.