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Obama meets with V.I.O. Executives in Home Town

President Obama Meets with V.I.O. company executives in Marquette, MI. Praises company as a successful example of high-tech business solutions for small town America.

President Obama Meets with

V.I.O. Executives in Marquette, MI

Praises company as successful example of high-tech solutions for small towns

Marquette, MI (February 16, 2011)—It’s not everyday that celebrities visit the small picturesque community of Marquette, nestled on the shore of Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s even less common when the celebrity happens to be the President of the United States. Last week, President Obama made a special visit to Marquette, MI promoting his campaign for a coast-to-coast wireless initiative, where he met with V.I.O. company executives and praised the town for its geographical remoteness and technological savvy.

In his State of the Union address, President Obama called for a National Wireless Initiative to make available high-speed wireless services to at least 98 percent of Americans. A White House statement described Internet service in Marquette as "an effective demonstration of how the president's proposal to open up airwaves will spark new innovation, put people back to work, grow the economy and help America win the future."

The President spoke to a lively audience at the Northern Michigan University, where he personally met with V.I.O. President, Craig Mattson and Managing Director, Richard Anderson. "It was amazing to have President Obama visit Marquette and recognize the unique technology that V.I.O. has developed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,” said Mattson, “We're honored to be able to share our success story as a model for small business in rural communities across the United States."

Sitting in reserved seating in the front of the audience during the President’s speech were V.I.O. vets Ryan Anthony, Director of Global Sales and Clint Slack, Director of Marketing. Of the experience, Anthony remarked: “To have the President highlight our community’s entrepreneurial spirit and V.I.O.’s ability to gain global traction from a rural outpost was unexpected and well received.”

V.I.O. Inc. is a decade-long leader in Point-of-View video technology and manufactures rugged, high-definition wearable video cameras used by professional filmmakers, outdoor enthusiasts and military and law-enforcement. V.I.O.’s new POV.HD video system was named “Best Gear of the Year” by National Geographic Adventure and may be learned more about here: vio-pov.com


Since its inception in 2000, V.I.O. has been the leading innovator in point-of-view video technology. The V.I.O. point-of-view system is unique in that it’s designed specifically to capture adventure and tactical video. V.I.O.'s customers include professional and amateur athletes in a wide variety of sports such as mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, motocross, snowmobiling and auto racing. Other industries relying on V.I.O. video systems include the military, law enforcement, aviation and movie and television production. For more information, visit vio-pov.com or call 1-888-579-2267.

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