NSP and NSAA re-sign Joint Statement of Understanding

The NSP and the NSAA re-signed an agreement outlining how NSP patrols will function under ski area management. This includes the legal responsibilities of each party, and an understanding of accident investigation, chairlift evacuation and training.

The National Ski Patrol (NSP) and the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) have re-signed the Joint Statement of Understanding (JSOU) between the two organizations. The JSOU outlines the positions of ski area management and local NSP patrols, and was previously signed in 2008.

"The JSOU is a valuable paper that outlines how NSP patrols function under ski area management," said NSP Executive Director Tim White. "NSP provides the training to patrollers, but patrol operations are governed by ski area managers."

In addition to patrol management, the JSOU outlines understandings regarding accident investigation, chairlift evacuation, and training requirements. It also has basics regarding legal responsibility for patrolling and ski area operations.

"Safety has always been a paramount concern for ski area operators, and the level of professionalism patrollers bring to their jobs day in and day out is vital to the overall success of the industry," said NSAA President Michael Berry.


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About the National Ski Patrol

The National Ski Patrol is a federally-chartered nonprofit membership association dedicated to serving the public and the mountain recreation industry. For 73 years, the NSP has been at the forefront of safety and emergency care education programs. The association's 28,000 members represent 98 percent of the nation's patrollers. For more information, access www.nsp.org.


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