Not Your Mother's Sears&Roebuck Exercycle: Mojo Ridin'

Sport Science Department Director for City of Bath College in the UK backs *claim that X-Biking® Can Burn over 500 Calories in a 30 Minute Workout; Spin® Bike Topped Out at 290 Calories.

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Trixter Total Body X-Bike® Engages Upper Body, Core Musculature, And Lower Body

Sport Science Department Director for City of Bath College in the UK backs *claim that X-Biking® Can Burn over 500 Calories in a 30 Minute Workout; Spin® Bike Topped Out at 290 Calories.

San Francisco, CA - Balancing work, family, and physical activity on a daily basis leaves one with very little personal time. The new "mother's little helper' developed by Trixter is helping exercise zealots survive the demands of American culture by changing the way people think about exercise. Make no mistake; the Trixter Total Body X-Bike 600 is not your mother's Sears & Roebuck Exercycle.

X-Biking redefines the traditional indoor cycling workout through the functional engagement of the upper body and core musculature while the legs do the pedaling, a true multi-tasker's dream. Riding the X-Bike is "Total-Body Biking." By bringing the natural movement of outdoor cycling indoors X-Biking makes staying physically active a lot more engaging, efficient, and fun. The X-Bike's patented design dramatically enhances the efficacy and realism of indoor workouts so that people who ride it look and feel better, almost immediately.

A recent **study conducted by the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association (IHRSA) states that ninety-nine percent of Americans believe that exercise helps preserve good health and can prevent many chronic diseases, but most feel they are in a losing battle against the current demands of American culture and cannot afford the luxury of exercise.

"For the past seven years I attended spin classes at a club in Minneapolis whose workouts are consistently rated as the most challenging in the Twin Cites," said Jacquie Boyer, Sales VP and X-Biking enthusiast. "After taking a new job, going to the club became a time drain I couldn't afford and I was really concerned there was no way I could replicate that same workout in my home. After weeks of research I came across the X-Bike. I ordered one with an X-TZ computer and haven't looked back since. The monitor is my built-in trainer and my workout clothes are drenched after I complete my ride—my gauge for a fulfilling workout. X-Biking at home, on my own time, is the optimal exercise for a business person on the go."

*X-Biking® vs Spinning®: X-Biking Delivers a 500 calorie workout in 30 minutes

In a study conducted by David George, Department Head of Sport Science for the City of Bath College in the UK, 4 subjects worked out on a Spin Bike and 4 on a Trixter Total Body X-Bike. The test subject's exercised on the bikes for 30 minutes at approximately 80% max heart rate.

Research results: gender /age / calories burned

Spin Bike:
Subject 1 – M / 18 / 280 calories burned
Subject 2 – F / 18 / 229 calories burned
Subject 3 – F / 17 / 270 calories burned
Subject 4 – M / 17 / 290 calories burned

Trixter Total Body X-Bike:
Subject 1 - M / 17 / 570 calories burned
Subject 2 – F / 17 / 320 calories burned
Subject 3 – M / 17 / 404 calories burned
Subject 4 – M / 18 / 365 calories burned

On average, 55% more calories were burned per minute for the same rate of perceived exertion when riding a Total Body X-Bike. That's why X-Biking workouts at home offer more fitness benefits in a 30-minute session than a spin bike can in 45 minutes.

"Taking off more calories doesn't mean you have to work out harder and longer, just smarter and more efficiently," said Michael Rice, CEO of Trixter.

X-Bike's X-Bars: The Mojo behind the X-Bike
The Mojo behind the X-Bike is the X-Bars, a unique patented handlebar mechanism on the front of the bike that the rider moves from side to side against adjustable resistance creating a natural rhythmic movement not possible on any other indoor bike. The X-Bike provides functional, total-body, low-impact cardio conditioning as well as core and lower back strengthening, and even balance and coordination training.

What is Mojo Ridin'?
The best way to explain the X-Biking experience in words is to have you imagine combining your favorite lower-body cardio machine with your favorite upper body strength training methods, then add in some serious core stability and lower back strengthening exercises and what you'd get is something almost as cool as the X-Bike. If you were to take the X-Bike for a ride what you'll experience is the ultimate in total-body, low impact exercise with movement so natural and immersive you'll genuinely enjoy the effort. You might even forget you're actually exercising.

And there's more, a lot more. Time that is. By combining all these exercises into one you're saving an awful lot of time. The X-Bike is a true cross-trainer that can deliver a 500-calorie workout in 30 minutes. Just imagine what one can do with an extra ½ hour a day...

Men Get Their Mojo Ridin' -

** The findings of a national public opinion poll "The Importance of Exercise," was conducted by IHRSA were released May 16, 2007. Eight in ten Americans (84%) say it would make it easier for people to incorporate exercise into their daily routine if employers had programs to encourage exercise.

About Trixter:
Founded in 2000, Trixter Developments Ltd. designs, manufactures, and markets indoor cycling equipment and programs built to energize people of all ages and enhance their health and fitness. Trixter Developments Ltd. is based in Wiltshire, England and serves as the company's corporate and new product development headquarters. Trixter North America, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Trixter Developments Ltd. is based in Redwood City, California and serves as the global marketing sales headquarters for the Americas. For additional information, visit All American inquiries please call 650.364.7525 and e-mail All Euro-Asian inquiries please call (44) 1249.700.604 and e-mail The X-Bike® and X-Biking® are registered trademarks of the Trixter Group.

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