Not all winters are created equal


Not all winters are created equal.......
Embracing that is Paul Hubner,the President of Baffin Footwear.
"We understand that year after year the temperment of our winters are unpredictable. It may yeild tremendous amounts of snow or be incredibly cold without much ground cover, so we decided to provide the solution and take the guesswork out winter footwear."

Baffin's 2007 product line boasts plentiful footwear that cover any lifestyle requirement.
Baffin truely is "Authentic at any Latitude." Rich earthy color tones have been introduced into some of Baffin's newly designed Women's series which will please any fashionista looking for the warmth without sacrificing style. Some revamped Mens and Kids lines equip end users with an array of options that exhibit warm lightweight comfort all in one product.

Let your curiousity visit us at the Outdoor Retailer in January


Guy Not At Or Not At SIA

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