New Zealand sunscreen, SnowSkin,makes North American debut at SIA show

Uniquely New Zealand manuka honey is one of the ingredients of Snowskin, a new sunscreen especially

 SnowSkin, an ultra-performance line of sun care products from New Zealand, makes its North American debut at the Snow Sports Industry Association trade show in Denver later this month.

Produced by Skin Alive, New Zealand’s premier sun care company, SnowSkin is made of the highest quality, water resistant, sweat resistant ingredients, designed and formulated for use in extreme alpine conditions.

Making the product uniquely New Zealand is the inclusion of maximum strength UMF 18+ Active Manuka honey. Manuka honey is unique to the Pacific island nation and is touted for its remarkable anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and health benefits. Historically, New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people harnessed the benefits of Manuka honey and essential oil for use in traditional remedies. Sourced and harvested in New Zealand, Manuka honey assists the body’s ability to hydrate and improve skin conditions.

Snow sports enthusiasts can count on SnowSkin to protect their skin since the product already has passed international tests more stringent than those proposed by the US Food and Drug Administration. “We’ve achieved the Colipa International Protocol for toxicity testing as well as UVA, water resistance and SPF testing by Europe, Australia and New Zealand which is far more stringent than the FDA is considering requiring of domestic sunscreen manufacturers.

“Skin Alive's efforts to maintain a serious level of UVA and UVB protection for athletes is complemented by the antioxidant, regenerative, and antibacterial effect of UMF 18+ Active Manuka Honey which doesn't break down or lose it's effectiveness in sunlight, water, or heat,” said Bobbi Steward Managing Director of North American distribution. “SnowSkin performs at the level that these athletes require.”

SnowSkin will be available in two sizes of Lotion (MSRP $12.99 for 125ml/4.2 ounces & $6.99 for 40ml/1.35 ounces), a Hands-Free Stick (MSRP $14.99), Zinc (MSRP $7.99 for 0.5 fluid ounces), and lip balm (MSRP $4.99).

According to information from the Skin Cancer Foundation, the combination of higher altitude and UV rays reflected by the snow puts skiers and snowboarders at an increased risk of sun damage, and ultimately skin cancer. Higher altitude also means increased risk of sun-induced skin damage, since UV radiation exposure increases 8 to 10 percent with every 1,000 feet above sea level. At an altitude of 9,000 to 10,000 feet, UV radiation may be 45 to 50 percent more intense than at sea level. At SPF 30+, SnowSkin offers total protection from the sun’s relentless rays in products that are free of PABA, parabens and nanoparticles.

Established in 2004, all Skin Alive products are proudly made in New Zealand, home of the highest rate of skin cancer per capita in the world, which comes as a shock to many people, says Skin Alive founder Grant Lawrie. “The team here at Skin Alive are driven to educate this generation and more to the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, and how better to safeguard yourself, your friends and your family for life than with SnowSkin, which helps keep your Skin Alive."

The complete SnowSkin range aimed at resorts and specialty stores can be found online at or try it in person at SIA Booth #1807. Skin Alive’s US headquarters are in Bend, OR. For inquiries, dealer locations, or sample requests, contact Ben Steward, 541-323-2877;