New York State Proposes Tax on Soft Drinks to Reduce Obesity

New York State Proposes Tax on Soft Drinks to Reduce Obesity: Sugar-Free, Low-Calorie nuun a Healthy Alternative

The New York Times has reported that New York's Governor David Paterson is proposing a 18% sales tax on regular soft drinks in order to reduce obesity across the state where nearly one in four of young people under the age of 18 are obese. If adopted, this tax could save the health service US $539m annually by 2010-2011 by reducing obesity and the incidents of diabetes and heart disease that go along with it.

nuun, a portable electrolyte replacement drink without sugar and with fewer than 5 calories, is emerging as a healthy alternative to soft drinks, especially now that the fiscal, health and environmental consequences of soft drink consumption are being brought to the nation's attention.

“While it gets the headlines, taxing soft drinks is only one option. Awareness of alternatives let's people choose – there are great low calorie options out there right now, but the marketing dollars of the major companies can often hide them. We've been making a name with athletes for several years and as people understand the negatives of too many calories, they've turned to products like ours” said Tim Moxey, CEO of nuun.

nuun contains four essential electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium and is easy-to-use. Just drop a nuun tablet in a water bottle and portable hydration is ready to go. Adding nuun's refreshing flavor to water encourages you to drink 40% more than normal. Used by cyclists, triathletes, runners, hikers, yogis and travelers around the world, as well as Team Ericsson who leads the Volvo round the world yacht race. nuun hydrates better than water alone because each sip brings a consistently balanced ratio of water to electrolytes.

A small, lightweight recyclable tube of nuun makes 1.5 gallons of electrolyte hydration. There are twelve nuun tablets per tube and one nuun tablet creates a 16oz electrolyte drink. A tube of nuun saves 12 plastic bottles into landfills. The nuun tube weighs less than 2oz. - just the right size for a jersey pocket or pack.

About nuun:
nuun & Co is based in Seattle, WA and has created a new category of tablets that turn water into electrolyte drinks without the sugars and plastic waste profile of traditional ‘sports' drinks. Founded in 2004 and used by the worlds best professional athletes and enthusiasts everywhere, nuun is in 2,000 stores in the US and available in 9 countries.