New Wenger Sleeping Bags Inspired by Genuine Swiss Army Knife


BOULDER, Colo. (Jan. 23, 2008) – Wenger® – the maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife™ – is launching a complete new line of high-performance sleeping bags at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Jan. 23 – 26, 2008 in Salt Lake City. The line, which is specifically designed for specialty outdoor dealers, includes four sleeping bags that draw their inspiration from the design, style and functionality of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife™.

“The Swiss Army Knife is recognized throughout the world for its multi-functionality and high-end performance,” said Geoff O'Keeffe, president of Slumberjack, an official licensee of Wenger North America and the official designer, manufacturer and marketer of its outdoor gear. “Our sleeping bags are designed in the same spirit as the legendary knifes. We've set out to create premium bags that perform in a wide range of outdoor settings and come loaded with design innovations, special features and some fun surprises.”

Chasseral Multi-Temperature Sleeping Bag (10°F - 40°F)
Wenger's new sleeping bag lineup is highlighted by the Chasseral multi-temperature sleeping bag. Just like the versatility of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, this mummy-style sleeping bag integrates a removable, insulated comfort top, which allows the bag to achieve multiple temperature ratings anywhere from 10°F to 40°F. This is ideal for adventurers planning to camp at varying elevations where temperature swings are common.

The Chasseral is filled with Climashieldâ„¢ XP insulation, which offers users the best of both worlds. It provides superior warmth, loft and durability, yet easily compresses down for lightweight, compact transportation and storage. Climashield's advanced technology utilizes thousands of continuous strands of polyester and spreads them into a naturally interlocking insulation, making it extremely durable. The polyester filaments allow moisture to migrate through them, which keeps the bag warm and dry in all weather conditions. In addition, Climashield XP does not clump, shift or move. This ensures an even distribution of insulation, eliminating cold spots in the bag.

The exterior of the bag is made from a high thread count polyester material, which offers enhanced durability and moisture resistance. The bag's double-offset, differential-cut construction keeps insulation evenly distributed throughout the bag, maximizing warmth and comfort.

The Chasseral is lined with a polyester-taffeta liner, which is silky-smooth to the touch and naturally wicks moisture away from the body. To further enhance warmth and comfort, the bag includes an insulated draft tube and adjustable storm collar to keep cold air out and warm air in.
The mummy-shaped sleeping bag features a fully-contoured hood, which wraps snuggly around a user's head. The hood can also be flipped inside-out to act as a pillow. To make adjustments, the hood features easy-access drawcords.

Finally, the Chasseral features a trapezoid foot box that keeps feet in a natural position for maximum comfort. It also comes with easy-to-grab, hook-and-loop zipper pulls and an internal storage pocket for an MP3 player, keys or flashlight. When not in use, the bag easily stuffs in a compression sack for fast, compact storage. The bag measures 32” x 84” and has a carry weight of 3 pounds, 5 ounces. It retails for $199.

In addition to the Chasseral, Wenger is introducing three additional bags to round out the line, including the Glarus 0°F (MSRP: $189), Zermatt 15°F (MSRP: $169) and Kastern 30°F (MSRP: $129) mummy sleeping bags.

All of these bags are stuffed with Climashield XP insulation and feature many of the high-end materials and design features found in the Chasseral. The bags are heavily branded with the Swiss Cross logo and incorporate the red, black and grey color scheme associated with the Wenger brand.

Specialty dealers and members of the media are invited to view Wenger's new sleeping bag line at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, booth 6001. Additional information can also be obtained by calling (303) 262-4770.

Wenger is the exclusive United States and Caribbean marketer of Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Knivesâ„¢, Wenger Swiss Watchesâ„¢ and Wenger Swiss Militaryâ„¢ Watches. The Wenger name is a trusted brand known for its innovation, expert craftsmanship and precision.

Slumberjack, which is based in Boulder, Colo., is an official licensee of Wenger North America, Orangeburg, N.Y. and is the official designer, manufacturer and marketer of its outdoor gear. Slumberjack follows four core principles when designing Wenger's outdoor gear for specialty retailers. First, all products are heavily branded to connect with the legend of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife. Second, all products are designed to be “Best in Class.” Third, recycled materials are used whenever possible. Finally, each product incorporates innovations that are unique to the Wenger brand and the specialty outdoor channel.

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