New Rock/Creek Race Team Powers Into 2010 with Early Season Wins

Rock/Creek announces 2010 race team members and positive early season results.
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Rock/Creek today announces the completion of a bomb-proof new lineup for the 2010 Rock/Creek Race Team. Early season victories practically guarantee a thrilling year of competitive results for local, regional and national races. Rock/Creek also launches brand-new personalized profile pages to host our member's 2010 race goals, favorite running gear, continuing race successes and individualized product reviews.

Totaling 28 members, the Rock/Creek Race Team is a collection of runners from various walks of life, from CEO's and businesspeople to teachers and students. With 14 new members added to the mix, everyone unites under the Rock/Creek banner to represent exceptional trail running passion, to promote healthy lifestyles, and to continue to be a nagging reminder in the ear of the lead racer, that Rock/Creek is on your heels!

This gifted group of athletes feature experience in adventure races, trail marathons, ultramarathons, stage races, and other races across the country. Returning members Josh Wheeler, who placed 1st Overall for six races in the 2009 Rock/Creek Trail Series and Kris Whorton, who established the new Female Master's National 100 mile trail record in 2009, bring incredible endurance to the team. Other returning members such as Matt Sims, Randy Whorton, Cathi Cannon, and Natalie Sims show amazing levels of athleticism and trail running confidence.

We guarantee you'll hear a lot from our new members in 2010: Conservation Alliance employee Krissy Moehl won the 103-mile Tour de Mont Blanc in 2009 and has already established herself for 2010 with last week's victory at the Mount Mitchell Challenge.

Other sponsored athletes includeDreama Campbell, Deb Jones, Jan Gautier and Robin Meagher for the women and Johnny Pryor, John O'Brien, Sal Coll, Jim Farmer, Nick Selbo, Kevin Boucher, Sam Linhoss, Owen Bradley and Dan Miller for the men.

Links from the main Race Team webpage to individual profiles enable running enthusiast to follow their favorite runner's progress and preview their expected 2010 race calendars. Race reports are posted on Rock/Creek's Blog, the "Rock/Creek Chronicle" and profile readers may browse personal reviews on gear like trail running shoes, socks, baselayers, jackets, etc. which take our sponsored athletes where they want to go!

Rock/Creek hopes to get the fans, readers, trail runners and children of our community excited about running. We hope that at the same time our Race Team excels as a remarkable example of discipline and endurance to potential race participants. Be sure to stay tuned as we introduce you to each of these amazing athletes through the year!

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