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New Products Offer Hard Solutions to Soft Market

Quantum Fitness to launch "Specialty Fitness" strength and cardio lines at Health and Fitness Expo in Denver August 2-4, 2007

New Products Offer Hard Solutions to Soft Market

Quantum Fitness will be launching their new “Specialty Fitness” strength and cardio lines at the Health and Fitness Business Show in Denver, Aug. 2-4.

The debut will include numerous treadmills and patented Stride products, ranging in price from $2099.00 to $3499.00. There will also be samplings of the new Phantom, I series and QUICK series strength lines which will range in price from $1999.00 to $4000.00, with very competitive dealer margins. In an aggressive plan to market these new lines, there will be freight, flooring and discount programs. Contact your regional sales representative for more information.

Over the last year a rigid nationwide survey of specialty fitness dealers was conducted by Quantum's owners, engineers and sales managers, to understand their needs and future market trends. Although the surveys varied from region to region, several strong trends were consistent. Most prominent on the lists were: diversifying retail markets by increasing vertical and commercial market product sales; consolidation of vendors; better margins and increased payment terms; and competitive freight programs. In addition there was a significant request for innovative, niche, patented, aesthetically pleasing product lines to compete against the direct sales force of the large fitness manufacturers.

A troubling trend among these large fitness manufactures which has emerged is directly excluding the specialty dealer out of many viable and profitable markets to sell in. Quantum Fitness has developed two new visually enhanced high end commercial strength lines and new cardio products for both the retail and commercial markets. To help create new markets for the commercial side of the specialty fitness dealer, a new medical elliptical stride and medical treadmill model are among the products for 2008 featured at the Health and Fitness Business Show held in Denver Aug 2-4. Furthermore, with the highly succesful QUICK series hydraulic line for adults and kids, there is no other company that offers so much unlimited diversity for the specialty fitness dealer.

What creates the specialty fitness advantage?

Patented mid-drive stride class elliptical – Offering 3 models for the home, vertical and medical markets, plus our unique patented ellipticals, we will create new sales and hold profit margins for years to come. Perfect 21” natural stride motion and special bio-mechanisms are the most advanced design to create machines that fit the body like a glove. Low step height, compact foot print and easy entry are just a few our un-challenged features.

2008 Q series treadmills- MORE horsepower, more steel and more options is the theme of the 08 models. All 08 models will feature standard 3hp to 4hp motors and all units will come standard with 15% elevation grade. New optional home décor package is also available and is great sales point to allow consumers to match machines to their house or facility.

Phantom series– High end, luxurious full commercial strength line with 20 single and combination machines to meet all vertical, commercial and medical needs and features the new industrial designed pastel ice shrouding! Included are our famous patented Power Crunch AB machines and Patented Power Quad. The new Phantom series will leave our dealers poised to take any deal from the competition and bring new life and markets back for the specialty fitness commercial business.

I series- Strong, powerful, and features 30 new machines with this new line to offer a comprehensive selection of products for all types of user and facility needs. The I series combine all the functional machines of the Phantom line at very competitive prices.

QUICK series - Two complete, unrivaled product lines that open totally new markets in health clubs, active aging, rehab, vertical, schools, military and all other niche markets. The KIDS series hydraulic lines have been developed specifically to answer the strong need to improve our children's health. These lines have been tremendously well received and are currently being used in major health clubs, hotels, apartments, schools and hospitals world-wide.

SMART series- Proven price competitive strength line to give the extra edge when price matters most.

To learn more about Quantum Fitness products, become a distributor, and start gaining new market share; Visit us at, email or call us at 800-937-2282.