New PowerVibe unit hits the market!

PowerVibe announces their new Pro Home functional vibration unit - the Pro Home. Featuring a platform-only design and a $999 MSRP this new unit is already making waves in the world of vibration training!

PowerVibe, a Dallas, Texas based supplier of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) products for medical, therapy, commercial, and residential use, announces the introduction of their new Pro Home functional vibration unit.

The Pro Home features a platform-only design, which means it does not have the large main column typically associated with WBV machines. This design allows the Pro Home to be seamlessly integrated into any functional training routine. Practitioners of yoga/Pilates will be able to perform virtually all movements on the Pro Home, all while receiving the fitness and flexibility benefits of WBV. Likewise, fitness enthusiasts who utilize Kettle bells, dumbbells, or body weight exercises will accelerate their results (through the proven benefits of WBV) by training on the Pro Home. Finally, incorporating a Pro Home into training with a weight stack functional trainer creates the ultimate fusion of acceleration and functional training.

Offering an aesthetically pleasing design and extra-large platform, the Pro Home delivers a robust 20-50Hz range (in 5Hz increments). All pre-set programs (which are another unique feature) as well as manual mode, are easily accessed via the convenient remote control. And, at only 37 lbs, the Pro Home is easily portable, making it a favorite among progressive personal trainers looking to offer their clients the latest in cutting-edge training.

PowerVibe, founded in 2006 by Dr. Christian Reichardt, is a full line supplier of whole body vibration products and is well established in medical, chiropractic, therapy, and athletic performance markets. PowerVibe products are used in notable institutions such as Life University, Sherman College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, and the Michael Johnson Performance Center – in addition to thousands of health professionals in the US and Canada.

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