New Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Risk Management Course

The University of Utah is offering a new On-Line Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Risk Management Course for undergraduate or graduate students.

Risk Management, Legal and Insurance issues of outdoor recreation program liability are introduced in this course. Emphasis is on operating an outdoor recreation program whether by an outfitter, educational organization or participants without incurring legal liability. Regulations, operating procedures in case of an accident and ways to minimize liability risks will be studied as well as a study of the fundamentals of law, the US legal system, insurance, and risk management.

Course Objectives

1Legal terminology & law
2Courts and the US Legal System
3Knowledge of the risks of common types of Outdoor Recreation
4Standard operating procedure in the event of any accident, including form completion, interviews with witnesses, etc.
5Risk Management Plan development
6Legal liability with regard to:
aOccupational Safety and Health Act and Colorado Occupational Safety and Health
bWorker's Compensation
cGeneral State Regulatory Bodies
dFederal Regulatory Agencies and Land Management Agencies
7U.S. Forest Service/NPS/BLM permit requirement as related to liability
8Students will learn when to look for professional help.

For Information about the University of Utah Parks Recreation & Tourism Program:

Or John Cedarquest at

For information about the course or the instructor:

James H. Moss, JD
PO Box 16743
Golden, CO 80402


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