New Normal Consulting: Unparalleled insight and over a century of experience


New Normal Consulting

Boulder, CO, (May 7, 2015) — There is a new consultancy in town, and it promises to deliver passion, experience, insight, and a forward-thinking way of looking at business challenges and opportunities. New Normal Consulting - founded by industry veterans Geoff O’Keeffe, Michael Hodgson, Brad Werntz and Kenji Haroutunian - has been launched to support brands and organizations seeking solutions to modern retailing, wholesaling, and organizational challenges that are top of mind for everyone.

New Normal Consulting brings over a century of combined experience driving growth and success that will help businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. The New Normal team has a singular passion for specialty business: Not as an MBA case study or as a passing curiosity, but as something that’s part of their core. “We live and breathe specialty,” says New Normal Consulting partner Michael Hodgson. “It’s in our blood.”

 The partners have been successful at every facet of business and will leverage that experience to ensure success for clients. This heavy-hitter group of industry experts has emerged from decades of outdoor industry-centric work, as independent reps, as industry leading media moguls, as retail executives, as brand leaders, and as trade show and event producers. 

“The experienced team at New Normal Consulting represents a powerful resource across multiple disciplines that provides large and small organizations relevant, proven experience,” says Kenny Ballard of Osprey Packs. Adds Ed McAlister of River Sports Outfitters: “These guys are ‘Old dogs with new Ideas’ with 100 years under their belt. I am sure this group has some new approaches and solutions to help specialty continue to grow.”


Well known as visionary leaders in their respective disciplines across the outdoor industry, the principals of New Normal Consulting have served in a wide variety of roles in the active outdoor recreation market.

“At New Normal Consulting, one of the things we share is that we’ve each brought things that have never been done before to the outdoor industry,” says New Normal Consulting partner Brad Werntz. “Together we will deliver our passion for innovation to other businesses.”

This approach drives unique offerings such as New Normal Consulting’s Interim Executive Service, Retail Buyer Training Program, and Virtual Board Of Directors 

”It’s exciting to be on the sharp end, delivering cutting edge best practices to organizations at the core and around the logical periphery; we’re bringing that authentic touch to other like-minded markets and organizations,” says Kenji Haroutunian, New Normal Consulting partner.

“I have known these four gentlemen for over two decades,” says Darren Bush of Rutabaga Paddlesports,”Not only are they among the brightest people I have worked with, they are also the most ethical and thoughtful. Their ability to think about concepts and processes in a new way makes them uniquely qualified to bring value to any outdoor organization, from manufacturing to retail, from events to public relations and marketing.”

"'Giving back' and 'paying it forward' have always been core beliefs for me,” says New Normal Consulting partner Geoff O’Keeffe. ”Working with my old friends and colleagues again - to be able to do so is a true pleasure."

This high-powered group will operate across the U.S. and Internationally, with offices in Los Angeles, CA, Boulder, CO, Madison, WI and Sacramento, CA.

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