New Ledlenser Collection Wins Three International Design Awards


Solingen/Munich – Ledlenser, maker of German-designed and -engineered ultra-bright line of handheld, headlamp and rechargeable lights, was awarded three coveted international design awards. The MH10 headlamp received the iF DESIGN AWARD. The MT6, MT10, MT14 and MT18 flashlights received an iF Gold Award. Also, these flashlights won the Red Dot Award. All of these products are part of Ledlenser’s soon-to-be available Outdoor Series. These honors are among the design world’s most sought-after awards.

The iF DESIGN AWARD has been an internationally recognized label for outstanding design since 1953. In 2017, it was awarded to the MH10 headlamp from the Outdoor Series. The Gold Award jury members were also impressed by the four flashlights in the series distinguishing them as among the best design concepts submitted. The jury noted, “The Ledlenser MT6, MT10, MT14 and MT18 torches boast perfect, uncompromising design. The light quality is superb and the workmanship excellent. Every detail, from the on/off button to the LED plate, has been well thought through and perfectly executed. Each component confirms Ledlenser as a premium brand.”

iF Design Award

The Red Dot Award distinguishes outstanding design quality. Chosen by an international jury, it honors masterfully designed products that clearly stand out from the rest. Ledlenser also won this award for the flashlights in the Outdoor Series. The jury was impressed by the lighting company’s new products that were specifically designed for adventures in the great outdoors.

Red Dot Design Award

An Overview of the Award-Winning Products

Ledlenser’s Outdoor Series sets new standards in the headlamp and flashlight product categories. With these products, hikers, mountaineers, skiers, runners, fishers and hunters alike will be able to get more out of their day! This product range offers lights for every outdoor adventure’s needs including 600 to 3,000 lumens, exchangeable color filters and a speed charging function.


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About Ledlenser

Ledlenser is the maker of German-designed and -engineered ultra-bright line of handheld, headlamp and rechargeable lights. The Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. company designs and produces lights and headlamps for everything from camping, diving, running, hunting and fishing to industrial trades, DIY and law enforcement. The high quality lights come in various sizes from keychain to 1500+ lumen heavy-duty defense lamps and are priced between $15 to $700. All lights are backed by a five-year warranty. For more information about Ledlenser visit,, or