New item preview at HFB - calipers and more...

Sequoia Fitness Products USA is previewing new body fat calipers, lung trainers, and instant reusable heat packs at the HFB show in Las Vegas this week.

Sequoia Fitness Products USA has several new products in prerelease. The first item expands Sequoia's offerings outside its core business of body composition devices into aerobic training. The Chinook Lung Trainer is a respiratory training device, enabling users to expand lung capacity through inspiration and expiration breathing exercises. It is perfect for anyone from recreational cyclists to ultramarathoners.

The second item is the new Avenger Body Composition Analyzer. Improving upon its pressure controlled body fat testers like Defender and Warrior, this comprehensive system will use patented technology to make body composition tracking and measurement easier and more accurate than any system on the market.

The third item is another basic body fat caliper – Fat-Measure, substantially equivalent to the old Accu-Measure body fat testers. One of our domestic suppliers has been able to
provide us with this item, now that its patent has expired.

Finally, its line of Heat Wave Instant Reuseable Heat Packs will be on display.

The company is accepting offers for exclusive retail marketing rights for initial release of the new product lines, as well as new sales representatives for our open accounts.

We are at booth H338 in the Health and Fitness Business Expo. You can make an appointment with Matt Chalek at 720-339-5962 for a preview of the new items.