New Headwear Brand to Launch at SIA and OR Shows

MORRISVILLE, VT. (January 17, 2006) – A new headwear brand, FU-R, will launch to the retail trade at the upcoming SIA and OR trade shows.

A new headwear brand, FU-R, will launch to the retail trade at the upcoming SIA and OR trade shows.

“When we created this brand we knew we couldn't rely on just high quality materials, offering a great value or cutting edge design,” said Founder Richard Sontag. “We knew we needed to offer all of that and more if we wanted to stand apart from the many other choices that were available to consumers.”

This brand is built on three primary principles: attitude, function and authenticity. FU-R demonstrates how the combination of these elusive traits can take something as simple as a hat and turn it into an exclamation point at the end of the wearer's style statement. FU-R recognizes that there is something new emerging, an age where design is used more and more to convey messages without words and without sacrificing performance.

“This brand stays true to the inspirations behind it,” said Annemarie Furey, Chief Designer. “The line is about trendsetters in music, sports, street fashion, and most importantly, those who think for themselves.”

The designers of FU-R experimented with this line in both construction and design. There are interesting fabrics, highlighted faux fur, colorful micro-suede and even dyed cottons treated with compounds which bleed the color creating unique patterns on each and every hat. Brims, earflaps and beanies are all offered in unique ways. The printed “Zen” hats and “Venom” hats bring to mind tattoo art while the “Orchid”, made with 100 percent lambs wool, with floral embroidery offers smart, yet pretty styling.

For the women looking for that hard-chic hat, FU-R offers its “Peep Show” hats. This style features peek-a-boo stripes in contrasting colors visible through cut outs in the brightly colored micro-stretch lined acrylic.

Even though FU-R is all about being fresh and new, the brand offers plenty of classics as well.
“There really is something for everyone here,” said Sontag.

The primary question in today's cold weather accessories market is how can your product make me look good, stand out and stay warm and comfortable at the same time?

The answer is FU-R.