New GoLite Footwear Rejuvenator Styles for S'10

Two New Clog Styles from GoLite Footwear For Aprés Sport Comfort and Support

Portsmouth, NH - Just because the hike is over doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice stability or support. Whether you’ve been hiking for miles or just taking care of business, GoLite Rejuvenators take care of the bumps in the road so your tired feet can relax. Featuring GoLite’s proprietary Soft Against the Ground Technology, wide toe boxes, a slight lip behind the heel to keep the foot in place, and casual upper styling, the Rejuvenators will be your go-to shoe for just about any occasion.

Two new styles for Spring/Summer 2010 combine new textiles for breathability, gender specific geometric posting for stability and PawPad soles for traction, and Soft Against the Ground Technology for the feel of a clog, but the ride of a sneaker.

Cloud Lite – Men’s only. An eye-catching combo of breathable mesh and leather, this open back slip on is decidedly manly, and ready to go anywhere. The PawPad II sole provides excellent traction on rough or smoother surfaces like roads or worn trails, and the PreciseFit™ system ensure they’ll fit most feet, and most widths, right out of the box. MSRP $85

Moon Lite – Women’s only. Breathable mesh upper combined with PawPad II sole is ready to tackle anything that might pop up in the course of a day. From picking up the kids to taking the dog for a walk, the Moon Lite is capable and comfortable. MSRP $75


Soft Against The Ground

o Literally turns shoe construction upside down

o The soft part of the sole is against the ground, absorbing the bumps of the trail, instead of your body

o A firm platform between the midsole and footbed acts as a chasis, allowing the foot and body a smooth ride

Paw Pad II Sole

o Inspired by mountain lions

o Mimics how a real paw works, limiting pronation and providing unparalleled traction.

o Radical new 45-degree pyramid lug shape and soft Gripstick™ rubber provide unparalleled traction

o Moves the Soft Against the Ground technology from the lugs to the midsole itself

o Single posted midsole

o Non-woven, impregnated plate underfoot provides the support of a clog, but the ride of a sneaker

Precise Fit™ footbeds

o Comes with every pair of GoLite shoes

o Provides instant width adjustment, from A to DD in women’s sizing, C-EE in men’s

o Gives every shoe a customizable fit, straight out of the box

GoLite Footwear designs and manufactures "improbably light" shoes, especially for people who live to be in the outdoors. GoLite's "Soft against the Ground" suspension system effectively turns the traditional shoe upside down to provide greater stability and traction while enhancing overall protection and performance; reducing movement by 33% on the trail. GoLite delivers a complete line of off road adventure shoes including trail runners, light hikers, technical travel shoes and rejuvenators. For information on the full line of GoLite footwear, please log onto or contact Alli Noland, Terra Public Relations, 307-733-8777 or