New Fitness Product Targets Muscles Differently

Vision Fitness introduces Incline Elliptical™ trainers that give you a versatile total body workout at an incredible value.
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Vision Fitness, a fitness equipment company based in Lake Mills, Wis., who, years ago, patented and introduced the folding elliptical trainer has just released another innovative product to the market—their Incline Elliptical™ trainer. These trainers feature adjustable incline ramps, adding versatility to the already smooth and quiet non-impact workout their elliptical trainers provide. The ramp allows users to simulate hills, increase intensity, and target different muscle groups with the touch of a button.

Programs unique to the Vision Fitness® Incline Elliptical™ trainers are Glute Burn and Summit Hike. The Glute Burn program is designed specifically to tone the lower body (primarily the buttocks muscles) by incorporating repeated incline changes and instructing you when to change pedal direction. Summit Hike also changes the incline to help users focus on a variety of lower body muscles—the ones they want to work on most.

Features you'll find on the new Incline Ellipticalâ„¢ trainers:

•Four to 21 degrees of incline that allow users to alternate between a flat and steep workout surface
•Long natural stride length (increases from 18-3/8” to 19-1/2” as incline goes up)
•Easy-to-read displays with a number of engaging and exclusive programs, such as SPRINT 8 and the ones mentioned above
•Large arrow keys for easy incline and intensity adjustments
•Large profile display that graphically illustrates your workout
•Integrated reading rack that conveniently holds magazines
•Heavy gauge steel frames for a stable workout base
•Durable and permanent scratch-resistant coating on frames

Vision Fitness began as a division of Trek® Bicycle Company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of quality outdoor bicycles. In 1996, Vision Fitness was spun off by Trek's management team to better focus on the specialized fitness industry. Their products have earned an impressive 24 “Best Buys.” Information on products and reviews can be found on their website,