Eagle Creek Sueño Andes Collection

Stepping Out Into the Bright Light of Prints
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For over 40 years, Eagle Creek has been focused on building the very highest quality travel bags and accessories, designed to make travel easier and bringing the far-flung places a little closer. For Spring 2019, they’re combining the practical functionality Eagle Creek is known for, with a bright, bold print, designed to turn heads and bolster internal happiness: Sueño Andes.

Channeling the joy of discovering something new—a new country, a different culture, a looming mountaintop— Eagle Creek’s design team took that to heart when they created the new Sueño Andes print capsule, the inspiration found in one of the world’s most iconic adventure travel destinations: the Andes Mountains.

The Andes are the mountainous spine dramatically dissecting South America from north to south, crossing seven countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Adventure travelers have long dreamed of ascending the range’s high-altitude peaks and exploring its ancient civilizations, biodiversity and wildlife. The exuberant colors of the collection, reflecting the rich red clay soil of the Andes, demand attention and inspire dreams of adventures to come.

Edging ever closer to building a truly sustainable product, the Sueño Andes collection is built with PVC-free 600D TPU fabric, and any parts made of 1680D Ballistic Poly have a new coating on them for stain and water resistance made of recycled PVB (RPVB), a coating that makes windshields shatter proof and comes from windshields, which is sourced from landfills and removed from the waste stream.

Select styles from throughout the Eagle Creek continuum are included in the Sueño Andes capsule, offering a silhouette for every taste and trip, including the new Migrate Duffel 60L, Wayfinder Backpack 30L, Wayfinder Waistpack S, Global Companion 40L (& 40L W’s), Gear Warrior Wheeled Duffel 92L / 34, Gear Warrior Wheeled Duffel Carry On and Pack-It Original Cube Set. All products within the Sueño Andes capsule are made even more water repellent with a TPU 600D Poly and 1680D Poly RPVB, the coating made rom recycling plastic from landfills (excludes Pack-It).

Eagle Creek Sueño Andes capsule will be available at retail 1/1/19.

  • Migrate Duffel 60L (EC0A3ZXN) MSRP $119
  • Wayfinder Backpack 30L (EC0A3ZXG) MSRP $119
  • Wayfinder Backpack 30L W (EC0A3ZXH) MSRP $119
  • Wayfinder Waistpack S (EC0A3ZXI) MSRP $35.95
  • Global Companion Travel Pack 40L (EC0A3ZXK) MSRP $199
  • Global Companion Travel Pack 40L W (EC0A3ZXL) MSRP $199
  • Gear Warrior™ Wheeled Duffel 110L / 34 (EC0A3ZXJ) MSRP $349
  • Gear Warrior Wheeled Duffel Carry-On (EC0A3ZXM) MSRP $299
  • Pack-It Original™ Cube Set XS/S/M (EC0A3ZXO) MSRP $34.95
  • Pack-It™ Cube, Pack-It™ Half Cube, Pack-It™ Quarter Cube


An invitation outside informs all Eagle Creek product designs, innovations and services. From versatile organizers that make travelling seamless to our durable duffels that keep the journey going, our gear and accessories make exploring the unknown possible, effortless and enriching. Eagle Creek. Find your unknown.


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