New Backpack Maker Mile High Mountaineering’s 2011 Line Hits Retail

Young company delivers premium quality and performance within new generation of technical packs and accessories.

Denver, Colo. (March 23, 2011) Colorado's newest outdoor gear maker Mile High Mountaineering introduces the release of their new line of performance backpacks to the Colorado market. Mile High Mountaineering's 2011 line-up showcases three innovative technical backpacks: the 38-iter Flatiron, the 55-liter Divide, and the 80-liter Fifty-Two 80.

Captained by Colorado native and founder Jeff Popp, Mile High Mountaineering is muscling its way into a highly competitive arena with a unique approach to design, development, and marketing. Driven by an insatiable thirst for innovation, Popp launched Mile High Mountaineering in 2009 with the goal of designing and developing some of the finest hiking backpacks available.

Along with creative marketing manager Casey Lorenzen and two seasoned designers, Mile High Mountaineering has quickly gained a reputation for crafting intuitively designed, feature-rich packs for climbing, trekking, and skiing.

MHM's approach to design innovation includes sending its manufacturer fully-functional prototypes that have been personally tested in the field for months. This process has produced a combination of features not offered by other brands, including the Backdraft Air Channeledâ„¢ backpanel, externally-accessed shoulder strap adjustments, sleeping bag stash with a built-in stuff sack, an integrated rain fly, and a hydration sleeve that can ride on top of the back. Built exclusively with tough Cordura fabrics, the 2011 collection also delivers unmatched durability.

Offering fresh thinking and products for a younger crowd of outdoor buffs, Popp and team are melding commerce with lifestyle. Growing up hiking, camping, fishing, and snowboarding in Colorado laid the foundation for his expertise with outdoor products and fueled his passion for exploration. “Being a Colorado company supports our mission of promoting and empowering people's lifestyles, including our own,” says Popp. “The term ‘corporate' doesn't apply too well to us.”

It also helps that Colorado is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurism, especially in the outdoor world, evidence by the growing number of young entrepreneurs challenging the bigger institutions that have traditionally dominated most outdoor categories. “We absolutely believe being a young, aggressive, Colorado-based company brings an unmistakable authenticity to our brand and a strong connection to our customers.” (Evidenced by MHM's Facebook page, which boasted more than 2,000 fans before any product hit store shelves.)

In addition to its new line of backpacks, MHM offers pack-shaped compression sacs, pack-shaped storage pillows, water-proof storage bags, backpack rainflies and water-bottle holders.

In Colorado, Mile High Mountaineering packs and accessories are available directly from MHM's Denver office (2100 S. Valentia St.) or from Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder (633 South Broadway). MHM web store will be open for orders in April.

About Mile High Mountaineering
Established in 2009, Mile High Mountaineering is Colorado-based progressive, high-end technical backpack designers with the mission to “re-define the backpack” with a passionate and youthful vibe. MHM packs have true innovation and an appeal to younger generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Offering 3 different backpacking/hiking backpacks in 80 liter, 55 liter and 38 liter models, each model features premium suspension, dual-pivoting/fully-adjustable hip-belts, and unique compartmentalization including an internal compression system, and an integrated stuff-sac sleeping bag compartment.



Mile High Mountaineering

Welcome to the new generation of backpacks! Located in the"Mile-High" city of Denver, Colorado, Mile High Mountaineering was founded by two best friends after graduating college in 2009. Our mission is to re-define the backpack with a passion and youthful vibe that is absent in more