NEMO’s AirSupported Escape™ Pod 1P Bivy Wins Prestigious OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2016

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In one of the most highly coveted international design competitions, NEMO Equipment, Inc., an award-winning outdoor gear manufacturer focused on shifting the way people enjoy and interact in the outdoors, was recognized with the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2016 for its Escape™ Pod 1P Bivy.


About Escape™ Pod 1P Bivy:
At just 7 oz. (204 g), Escape™ Pod 1P Bivy delivers bug protection and a sense of security, essential elements for a good nights’ rest. NEMO’s lightweight and proven AirSupported Technology® (inflatable airbeam) provides structure. The two-thirds length bivy with zippered entrance and drawstring closure seals out bugs while still offering starlight views. Escape™ Pod packs to the the size of a grapefruit and orally inflates, no pump required. Pairs with NEMO’s Apollo™ 3P and Moonwalk™ sleeping bag to deliver a lightweight, small packing kit meeting the needs of bikepackers and ultralight travelers, while also addressing the demands of comfort, safety and protection. MSRP: $119.95/€149,95.

From the jury: “Smart idea. Nice implementation. This very lightweight bivouac solution offers good protection from mosquitoes.”


Escape™ Pod was recognized for being outstanding in functionality and weight/pack size. More information on the award and other winners can be found here.

“We are honored to have been selected for the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2016,” said Brent Merriam, NEMO’s Vice President of Outdoor from the OutDoor Show floor in Friedrichshafen. “The Escape™ Pod 1P Bivy is unique in the space and another example of NEMO’s commitment to innovation and improving the experience of adventure.”

Awarded at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, 37 outstanding product and material innovations were selected from over 343 entries in this years’ competition. The expert panel was composed of international designers, apparel and equipment experts from retail and industry associations, journalists and alpinists. "The high level of expertise and experience that comes together for the OutDoor Industry Award judging process is completely unique. It was impressive to witness the in-depth nature of the judges’ discussions. There were differences in opinion and serious debate—which is a welcome part of the process. In the end though, the judges were able to reach a consensus and select the innovative products they saw as deserving winners of the award,” said OutDoor Project Manager Dirk Heidrich.

NEMO continues to design award-winning products that are built to last, comfortable and fun to use. In 2016, the brand has also won National Geographic Adventure’s Gear of the Year award for its Concerto sleeping bag. The focus is always on creating the best possible experience outdoors. Expanding its product line with a full-range of tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, pads, camp tools, and accessories, NEMO’s got you covered for adventure anywhere. For sales inquiries, please contact Brent Merriam, and for media inquiries, Kate Ketschek,