Nautilus Announces Its Latest Innovation: The CoreBody Reformer

Nautilus recently developed The CoreBody Reformer, which is a yoga, Pilates and dance-inspired 3-in-1 fitness solution.

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- November 1, 2011 - Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS) announced today the launch of the CoreBody Reformer™ to the consumer market. The CoreBody Reformer™ is a unique fitness tool that combines yoga, Pilates and dance -- three core-focused workouts -- into one portable, storable and highly effective product designed for home use. This breakthrough fitness product provides a complete fitness solution for a broad consumer audience, and is primarily targeted at women interested in breaking from their normal fitness routine, as well as those who desire to be active but struggle to find the time, energy and motivation.

Incorporating a foam-covered roller tube for balance and two push-button variable resistance cables to build long, lean muscle, the CoreBody Reformer™ (“CBR”) intuitively combines the movements of yoga, Pilates and dance to deliver strength, stretch and cardio benefits with every workout. Complete with fun, motivating DVD workout programs led by women’s fitness expert Jennifer Galardi, the CBR also activates multiple muscle groups at once, which means better results in less time.

Designed to take advantage of growing consumer interest in “Alternative Strength and Stretch” – a market of more than 30 million regular participants in the U.S.1 -- CBR weighs just 17 pounds and folds up into the size of a large yoga mat, making it easy to store and perfect for use in almost any space. With variable resistance levels and workouts designed to accommodate beginning, intermediate and advanced users with every move, the CBR is ideal for all fitness levels. Since the CBR is available in five bold colors – blue, pink, green, violet and orange – there is a CoreBody Reformer™ for every style and taste.

Recognizing that in today’s economy, consumers seek to maximize their fitness investment in terms of both time and money, Nautilus designed the ultra efficient CoreBody Reformer™ for a very affordable price of $279. The product comes complete with a nutrition guide, workout poster, portable workout flip cards and 4 DVD workout programs. If financing is desired, the CBR can even be financed interest free for as little as $25 per month. “We are excited to announce the launch of this truly innovative product, the CoreBody Reformer™, and will be supporting it accordingly with a very impactful national TV and on-line advertising campaign,” says Nautilus CEO Bruce M. Cazenave. “For our consumers, it is a unique and innovative fitness solution worthy of our flagship Nautilus brand; and for our shareholders, it represents our first step toward aggressively expanding our customer base and price point offerings for our Direct channel of distribution.”

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