Nau to Showcase ExtraTags Mobile Marketing Strategy At OR

Nau will give OR attendees a glimpse of the future as they showcase key styles labeled with ExtraTags in their booth at OR (booth # 30049 E).

Urban + Outdoor apparel maker Nau will give Outdoor Retailer attendees a glimpse of the future as they showcase key styles labeled with ExtraTags in their booth at OR (booth # 30049 E). ExtraTags is an advanced mobile marketing solution that employs QR Codes, or two-dimensional barcodes, to store a URL on a product hangtag. By scanning the unique barcode with a smartphone, consumers will be presented with an interactive mobile display designed to motivate in-store purchasing.

“Rapid advancements in mobile technology are enabling consumers to become better informed regardless of their location,” says Larry Pluimer, CEO at Indigitous, the maker of ExtraTags. “Some dramatic implications of mobile adoption are already beginning to play out in the retail environment, and we want to make that an advantage – not a liability.”

Over 60% of smartphone users have tapped into the Internet while shopping at brick and mortar retail stores. Price comparisons, links to competitive online merchants and distracting advertisements dominate the content offered by most mobile shopping apps available today.

ExtraTags was developed to put the brand in control of the mobile message, and give the retailer a break from competitive threats. Adds Pluimer, “We like to say that ExtraTags is ‘retailer-friendly' because it's a tool that can help retailers close the sale in their store – not lure consumers online or across the street.”

The dynamic content available via ExtraTags includes product details in multiple languages, brand information, videos, reviews, social media sharing options and more. Coupons can be programmed and delivered instantly to the consumer. Because ExtraTags can access location coordinates from mobile devices, it's possible to tailor a unique message for the consumer based upon the retail store where she is shopping.

Best of all, ExtraTags is compatible with many price comparison apps, yet gives brands 100% control of the message and stays true to its promise not to compete with retailers.

“The Nau brand is synonymous with the modern mobile lifestyle and is an ideal beta partner for us,” says Pluimer. “We're thrilled to be demonstrating the potential of ExtraTags at OR with Nau and wish to invite brands and retailers alike to come by and check it out.”

Gordon Seabury, CEO of Nau stated, “This is clearly a next step in the evolution of the retail experience and is completely consistent with our company and Family of Brand philosophy.  Reducing the paper waste of multi-page hangtags while providing our specialty retailers with the ability to demonstrate a more robust product and brand story with the digital hangtag is exciting.  We are giving the consumer the transparency and power to explore every aspect of the product they are evaluating on the retail floor to foster an informed and confident purchase decision in the store.  The possibilities of specialty retail and brand collaborations from here are endless.”

About Nau:

Nau (pronounced “now”) is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon. They design, make, and sell sustainable urban+outdoor apparel – integrated designs for the modern mobile life. Nau is committed to the power of business as a force for positive change, seeking to balance the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. To learn more about Nau, visit

About Indigitous:
Indigitous is a Seattle area-based digital services company founded by outdoor industry veteran Larry Pluimer. The first product to be offered by Indigitous, ExtraTags is a complete mobile marketing solution for brands designed to enhance the consumer experience at retail. For more information: Larry Pluimer,, 206-257-8207,


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