NÜWA Textiles- Revolutionizes Responsible Textile Production

Nüwa® Textiles [new wey] is the next step in the evolution of the textile industry—a choice for specialty manufacturers that want a direct source to mills offering environmentally friendly manufacturing protocols.
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Beth Cochran

NÃœWA Textiles- Revolutionizes Responsible Textile Production

Tustin, CA – July 11th, 2008 Nüwa® Textiles [new wey] is the next step in the evolution of the textile industry—a choice for specialty manufacturers that want a direct source to mills offering environmentally friendly manufacturing protocols. Nüwa Textiles is the first of its kind: delivering cleaner polyester and nylon through advanced technology, and offering a complete range of recycled polyester.

Green or Greenwashing? The battle to produce products that address a burgeoning environmental awareness has led many marketers to overstate their claims. The result has been the birth of a word: greenwashing. This combination of whitewashing and green is used to damn those seeking to steal moral capital by associating with the greater ecological good.
Nüwa Textiles aspires to create a balance between economical production techniques, and protection of the environment: a new way of manufacturing textiles.

The Taiwanese-American company believes Lao Tzu had it right many years ago when he said, “The journey of a thousand begins beneath one's feet.”

“Our goal is environmental progress, and to achieve it we must begin where we are. We are changing our machines, weaving recycled, organic, and natural fibers, refining our processes, filtering our waste, and rethinking our transport,” explains Michael Shih, President of Nüwa Textiles. “We are simply putting one foot in front of the other, to create a future where pollution and waste do not dominate, where chemistry is benign, and transparency in business is a given,” he said.

Long-time industry icon Larry Harrison has joined the company as a Vice-President. He said, “Within the confines of a commercially responsible company, we will use technological innovation and improved efficiency to reach our goals. Our hope is to achieve transparency in our operations so that those we supply can offer fabrics that suit both their social concerns and production goals.”

Paradigm shifts in industry requires education. Nüwa began that task in early May when they sponsored an industry editors' trip to China. This open door tour was designed to showcase the eco-protocols, and the energy and water consumption goals that Nüwa brings to the market place.

Nüwa will further grow its green education agenda at this summer's Outdoor Retailer show. Larry Harrison will be one of the panelists for the Fabric Link Textile Industry Panel Discussion, “Eco-Logical, Making Sense of Supply Chain Certification” held August 9th, Day 2, at 7:00 PM at the Downtown Marriot meeting rooms.

Who is Nüwa?
Michael Shih- Michael Shih's roots in the textile industry run three generations deep, beginning with his grandfather over 45 years ago. He was born in Taiwan and raised in Thailand as the family business expanded. He later received an engineering degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
Nüwa Textiles is his way of putting his grandfather's vision of quality textile manufacturing and innovation into practice while meeting the needs of the modern world.

Larry Harrison- Experience is the best way to describe Larry Harrison. For over 35 years his agency Earth Games represented companies as diverse as Eagle Creek and Lowa Boots, JanSport and Body Glove, in a territory that grew to the nine Western states. Harrison is the Vice-President, Business Development for Nüwa and oversees sales and market direction. For over nine years he served on the board of the Outdoor Industry Association, holding numerous positions.

Nüwa® Textiles offers:
• A dedicated textile engineering team to insure speedy fabric development and solutions to a customer's specific needs.
• World-class fabric mills and dyeing and finishing plants that comply with Oeko-Tex® and ISO-14001 standards. The company is currently completing bluesign® certification.

Call or write for your Outdoor Retailer appointment. www.NuwaTex.com
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Larry Harrison
VP, Business Development
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