NÜWA Textiles Makes Green Manufacturing a New Market Standard

Nüwa® Textiles [nū-wā], one of the largest weavers in the world, is leading the way in setting new standards in cleaner textile production. They employ custom designed machinery that reduce water and factory energy usage,

Beth Cochran

NÃœWA Textiles- Makes Green Manufacturing A New Market Standard

Tustin, CA –September 25th, 2008 Nüwa® Textiles [n ū-wā], one of the largest weavers in the world, is leading the way in setting new standards in cleaner textile production. They employ custom designed machinery and have reduced water and factory energy usage, while at the same time delivering new eco-friendly fabrics to high-end specialty manufacturers worldwide. They are the first and only source for this level of environmental action in textile manufacturing.

“We look to deliver design innovation and a strong commitment to the environment that is unmatched in textile manufacturing,” said company President Michael Shih.

Nüwa made their launch announcement last month at the Outdoor Retailer event in Salt Lake City. Outdoor Retailer is an international trade show that brings the best outdoor recreation companies and textile vendors under one roof for four days of intense commerce.

Nüwa Textiles proved its market commitment with sponsorship of the FabricLink.com and Textile Insight Magazine's bi-annual panel discussion entitled, “ECO-Logical: Making Sense of Supply Chain Certification.” The panel covered the evolution of the eco-movement, including the necessity of transparency in the production process for all levels of the supply chain. Nüwa Vice-President of Business Development, Larry Harrison was one of three featured speakers.

Kathy Swantko- founder of Fabriclink.com- the premier clearinghouse web source for all things fabric-commends Nüwa, “Nüwa Textiles is clearly on the leading edge of sustainable manufacturing. They have a fully transparent production process which starts with the recycling of plastic bottles. Nüwa Textiles has truly established itself as the benchmark for eco-friendly textile processing within the textile industry.”

Nüwa's expertise was equally lauded during Project OR (mirroring the popular Project Runway)- featuring five top design students selected for a three-day ‘design-off' with new fabric and trend concepts. Project OR was a major Outdoor Retailer sponsored event and Nüwa's Harrison helped organize the competition and was one of its judges.

The company is committed to achieving equilibrium between performance and eco-consciousness. Nüwa employs strategies as varied as advanced energy production, efficient energy use, water-conserving dyeing machinery, emissions recycling and effluent treatment. The weaving mills produce over 20 million yards of fabric each month and are ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 certified. The dyeing and finishing plant is Oeko-Tex® certified and is in the process of certification by bluesign®. It was bluesign® staff who informed the company that the 101 liters of water per kilo of fabric it dyed was far below the 150 liters used by companies employing the industries best practices.

Nüwa develops and sells unique eco-fabrics at competitive rates. These developments in fabric can be found in a range of products, including backpacks, jackets, clothing, tents, shoes and purses.

The Taiwanese-American company believes Lao Tzu had it right centuries ago when he said, “The journey of a thousand steps begins beneath one's feet.”

“Our goal is environmental progress and to achieve it we must begin where we are. We are continually changing our machines and refining our processes, filtering our waste and rethinking our transport,” explains company president Shih. “We are simply putting one foot in front of the other, to create a future where pollution and waste do not dominate, where chemistry is benign and transparency in business is a given.”

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Who is Nüwa? Nüwa® Textiles is the next step in the evolution of the textile industry—a choice for specialty manufacturers that want a direct source to mills offering environmentally friendly manufacturing protocols. Nüwa Textiles is the first of its kind: delivering cleaner polyester and nylon through advanced technology and offering a complete range of recycled polyester.

Michael Shih- Michael Shih's roots in the textile industry run three generations deep, beginning with his grandfather over forty-five years ago. He was born in Taiwan and raised in Thailand as the family business expanded. Shih later received an engineering degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Nüwa Textiles is his way of putting his grandfather's vision of quality textile manufacturing and innovation into practice while meeting the needs of the modern world.

Larry Harrison- Experience is the best way to describe Larry Harrison. For over thirty-five years, his agency, Earth Games, represented companies as diverse as Eagle Creek and Lowa Boots, JanSport and Body Glove, in a territory that grew to the nine Western states. Harrison is the Vice-President of Business Development for Nüwa and oversees sales and market direction. For over nine years he served on the board of the Outdoor Industry Association, holding numerous positions.

Nüwa® Textiles offers:
·A dedicated textile engineering team to ensure speedy fabric development and solutions to a customer's specific needs.
·World-class fabric mills and dyeing and finishing plants that comply with Oeko-Tex® and ISO-14001 standards. The company is currently completing bluesign® certification.

Michael Shih

Larry Harrison
VP, Business Development



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